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  1. Hey folks, WAY on board with this section of the forums. if anyone needs a pair of eyes on a resume I’m happy to take a look. I’m also happy to assist with Biology/Human Physiology(Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology)
  2. happy birthday @Touriand @Warrior!
  3. thank you everyone! sorry for the late response
  4. Happ bday to you and I ;)

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  5. Boom, welcome and grats boys and girls!
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  7. I'm starting with Ron this evening at 7cst as well! RGN Stream!
  8. The more bobs the better, I say! "Welcome"...to the intro thread that is!
  9. Welcome welcome! You may be drunk on the job, but you're a redneck with serious EMS chops! Your best work may be while intoxicated? Helps ya keep a clear head, AMIRIGHT?!
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  11. sorry im late to the party! you're on the right first track in that weight loss is 80% in the kitchen and 20% in the exercise(unfortunately we can't outwork a bad diet) A good, easy first step @TheMindDoctor would be to start by simple portion controlling as some have previously mentioned. You don't necessarily have to go for broke on clean eating as it's a difficult thing to do, unless you have an iron clad will to just push through a complete diet change in a short period. In general good lean cuts of meat(turkey, chicken), some good 'whole food' carbs like sweet potatoes, and veggies are going to be all you need for a balanced diet. You'll want to start with breakfast being your carb/fiber heaviest meal of the day as it jump starts the metabolism and the fiber helps you feel more full through to lunch so you're less inclined to grab a 'less than healthy' alternative snack. Of course getting in protein of some kind. If I'm not in a hurry I'll prepare eggs to some effect, but on the go I'll grab a protein shake. In terms of jump starting the exercise, start with something you enjoy that is physically active. You're more likely to improve and stick to this routine while trying to train your body into the overall healthy habits. It is true you need to alter your workouts every once in a while but it doesn't necessarily have to be something completely different(yes do something different once in a while though) you can get more out of your workouts simple alterations through the FITT principle. Frequency(how many days/week) Intensity(increased weight, faster pace, high reps, more sets) Time(how long you're doing the activity in a given session) Type(the type of exercise itself) Based on what you'd like to accomplish, good 'functional' exercise would include improving cardiovascular fitness of course, and starting with a bodyweight exercise routine. I can't stress enough though, if there's something you enjoy that is physically active and you have more time, start there.
  12. Good Afternoon! I've been contemplating ways to increase our engagement with you, the members of the community and friends of the forums, and have another way to increase our visibility and have more for us to do. The Idea: like MLG(previously Gamebattles and SOCOMBattles) we could host our own ladder(s) for games and let people compete agains tone another and have a place to show off "who is the best" at whatever game. We would need to start small with one game and my thought would be to have 4v4 ARMA3(custom built small arenas) and have a best of 3 games(with 7 rounds in each arena) would this this be something you would be interested in? What suggestions do you have to improve upon the idea? please respond with input(good or bad)
  13. I visit everyday! we're opening up to more users with more games played but should really spend time gathering more people through branding RGN or tagging as RGN like we did for WoW i LOVED BlackOps1 and my favorite game mode is zombies!

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