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  1. Arma 3 Zeus Operation Event

    Sounds interesting, I would suggest only TFAR to get the maximum amount for turn outs as i belive a few of those suggesting ace want adv. medical. Basic arma 3 medical will do just fine as it will keep everyone dead for a set amount of time. Also you can use Arma 3 respawn a restrict load outs that don't use lvl 5 vests or anything above a 6.5. ;D happy hunting. Also a mod for zues which I belive is player side is ares - Achilles expansion makes everything easier.
  2. training Ray- PD Application

    Your name: Silenthitter [RPD] (P.O) Officer name: Ray PASS/FAIL: Pass Situation 1: Got in to a pursuit with [TGR] Eagels for speeding. Which escalated into a full fire fight with TGR. Ray, was able to taze Eagles on top of the hill and restrained him. While i was dealing with rebels on the hill across from us. Overall for the situation i believe he has good awareness on what is going on around him and situations he goes into. he is also good a communicating what he sees and what he is doing. to ensure all officers understand the actions he takes and why. Situation 2: He pulled a vehicle over because the owner is wanted. when the Owner of the vehicle stepped out of the car wearing full rebel with an MX he didnt freak out or just taze the player. he calmly communicated that he the Owner had a few charges against him and that due to the fact that the civilian was nice and cooperative he ended it with just a ticket and that was it. ( over the course of talking to 3-5 civs wondering south of prygos). overall for the situations he can confidently communicate with the civilian population in a respectable and calm manner but Relations with the civilians needs some work. Suggestion for that would be let him lead discussions with future civs/rebels with the help of other officers so that he knows how not to escalate a situation unnecessarily. Overall Conclusion: Works good on situations and has overall good awareness of whats going on around him. we Patrolled around Selenko and Prygos for the majority of the time and he understood the necessity of having a unit that far into the the southern area of altis. Things he can work on is Civilian relations and just because people wear rebel gear they are not criminals. Also combat tactics encase all else fails tactics that will ensure to even the odds if a gun fight takes place which i believe he will learn within time. ** note ** This was throughout a full 5 hour uptime
  3. completed Prison Gates do not open

    the Bar gates at prison do not open
  4. researching Gate keys

    im assuming the old way was by Trigger?? or was it done strictly via coding?
  5. Altis Life Poll & Update

    i think if we can do this, where the max ammount of old money kept is set and rest is removed so you can still get people to do runs and not going back to their old ways of just shooting shit up. an ammount that woudl give them a slight advantage but not to much where they could just sit back and relax. pritty much rewarding those who played before and to get those who we lost between altis and malden. we can call it something like l" Legacy" For example if you had 100 million dollars on old altis you would be maxed to about 5-10 million (ill let the admins decide) but if you have below the max ammount you can keep it as such or be rounded up or down which ever is easy for people to do.
  6. Gunner - 110th application

    ** Approved ** Please find thorvald or myself on ts3 for your interview. thank you.
  7. AdamusRed - 110th Application

    mostly through out the ts3 if you @ us on ts3 we will get on if availiable
  8. Ben Sewell - 110th Application

    ** Approved ** Please find myself or thorvald for an interview. thank you.
  9. Robby McRob [MSH] - picks up cop gear/weapons/attachments

    the reason why i did not message you is due to prior experience with you and me communicating with each other i believed that i would not be able to solve with you as you would have gotten angry like how you did yesterday and i would have to sit here. now i did communicate with you about what happened yesterday not because i had to but because you seemed agitated about it and i wanted to help now i did this in game because the opportunity seemed right as you filed a complaint against me which i was ok with. But your attitude was still sour as you seemed upset while we were discussing it. at no time did you mentioned you needed it to change a rule, until about an hour later. you did not communicate with me calmly so I tried to show you my side and what I did. at the time to try to kill you to give you evidence that i " RDMed" you or what have you. now if you didn't want to discuss it in game you could have asked calmly if we could do this in team speak and i would have agreed but you got agitated. Now it could be because i thought the complaint was over with and you didn't want to talk about it in game, and im sorry if that is what upset you but i wanted to communicate with you what happened yesterday.
  10. Robby McRob [MSH] - picks up cop gear/weapons/attachments

    here you go @Goats
  11. Make Materials/Drugs actually give a good payout

    hey wolfy glad to see something like this, i agree easiest way to make money on is cop. but 10k is a little low as i have made 35k a run using a box truck and uranium. now that is still not alot of money per run. so i agree it is very hard for civs to make money. or at least Nerf the amount of money cops get for Arrests and kills (probably should not reward people for killing people) its 50% bounty for killing a player who is wanted. i believe cops should only get 25-50% of tickets as their only way of making money to make sure those who do crimes are tickets not killed.
  12. Robby McRob [MSH] - picks up cop gear/weapons/attachments

    @Goats the video in the topic, if so it will be uploaded in a moment and will include the above. it will also include the rest of the video i have for the situation.
  13. invalid [RGN] Thaddeus  Meta gamming

    i didnt add it because i thought it was not neccacary to add to the report. i am more then willing to add the 5 minute discussion about the situation yesterday. if that would satisfy you. but if its not neccacary to the report i will not.
  14. Robby McRob [MSH] - Failed initiation/poor initiation

    sorry if that part was cut out. he did say "officer this is a kidnapping" then knocks me out. I do not mean to cut things at times to make my case look better. the point is that you had knowledge that i was afk getting your video which you where agitated about. which would give you the ability to know that i would be unable to respond to anything you did or say.
  15. Robby McRob [MSH] - picks up cop gear/weapons/attachments

    Meta game and break RP? Was my communication devices taken? **Sad face due to lock**