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  1. @SomeoneYouLike also you have two E-4s in your roster one is Cpl, other is Spc
  2. you know i still skulk around here good sir. and if you are referring to me and Thorvald then you have been misinformed sir. we where extremely organized just was hard to maintain when you dont have a server. im also sure a Well respected Member of this community like your self would not point any one thing as fault for why it was shut down. so please refrain from bringing people who have attempted in the past down with negative comments sir. this post is about the new Milsim and how well it will do for RGN as a whole and i Wish you boys (and girls) the best of luck anything i posted on RGN is free for your leadership to use in anyway including copying formats (just not the Arma 3 guide which should be obvious)
  3. Sounds interesting, I would suggest only TFAR to get the maximum amount for turn outs as i belive a few of those suggesting ace want adv. medical. Basic arma 3 medical will do just fine as it will keep everyone dead for a set amount of time. Also you can use Arma 3 respawn a restrict load outs that don't use lvl 5 vests or anything above a 6.5. ;D happy hunting. Also a mod for zues which I belive is player side is ares - Achilles expansion makes everything easier.
  4. Player Banned: AlexServer: teamspeakBan Reason: RacismBan Length: PermUUID: 0S/MzeJWeyPJW5kbGn7MaNQCaxU=
  5. Player Banned: Gumby Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Troll Ban Length: 1 day UUID: BBjZuyGZxcFNYy6DS/u6fSKd77g=
  6. Player Banned: Sloom Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Test Ban Length: 1 day UUID: iOr9w9kF/WvZeBrxEwkrmNtroTs= *note* Posted on behalf of [RGN] Steve
  7. @Angelyes that is the information connected to your UID once a core member has a look at this dispute he will decide and then we will go from their
  8. sorry

    Ingame name: Mr. Green leaf Person who banned player: @Mackenzie, @mjm822, @TheMindDoctor Reasons: Player perma banned due to highly negative toward admins assisting him and multiple infractions., Bad pub cop/racist slurs, Combatlogging, All around habitual rule breaker / 4th Strike tons of Notes technically 5th Strike / 30 Days extension from current 3 Day Ban / Pending Core Review for 4th Strike more than likely Permanent / TMD When ban started : may 16th *note* also two kick reports one for Mass RDM, VDM
  9. Core+ will be with you to help you Name: Winterveteran72 Reason Trolling/ disrespect. Expires: Perm
  10. I could not find a " Angel " on our team speak ban list if you remember the name you used that would be helpful to find out who banned you. Or you can PM me your IP so i can search via IP on our ban list to find out who banned you.
  11. Hello everyone Again for another Crunchyroll 48 hour guest pass giveaway. this giveaway will be finished in 4 days(Friday). To enter just comment below I have 3 codes to give out soo hop on to it.
  12. 110th Operation 7pm EST

    Operations Will occur every Friday at 7pm EST look at he link below for current operation. Only those assigned to a squad can partake in operations https://recklessnetwork.com/forum/351-operations/
  13. @MarcusApplications will Open in the next 24-48 hours so keep an eye out. When we open the 110th reckless Company forum we will make an announcement in discord and on the forums that it is open. you will have to submit and application and have a interview all of which will take 5-10 mins very simple.

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