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  1. When is the next recruitment period?
  2. @Eagles Get the crew assembled.... we going deep
  3. Will you have sex with me? Favorite beer? Who's your favorite memer friend? cough cough
  4. Buahaha thanks man Yeah randy is a legend! Thanks dude.
  5. For sure dude! Sorry I missed you the other day. I'm down to smash though. Just hit me up when you see me around. The best way to reach me is discord.
  6. "impenetrable" lul

  7. Howdy, My name is Eddie, also known as General187. Many of you already know me, and for those of you that don't, it will be a pleasure to meet you in the coming days and weeks. I was fortunate enough to be given a second chance by the RGN founders. I had made some really shitty mistakes about 7 months ago that cost me some friends and loss of being a community member. Being that I was given a second chance / fresh start, I would like to do the same with everyone that I beef'd with or didn't play with before. I'm putting all the past drama, nonsense, bullshit behind me. If you want to play with me, just simply hit me up. Thank you again to the founders! I'm very appreciative to have been given a second chance and I look forward to becoming a positive figure in the community once again. - General187
  8. 1. I love that RGN gave me a second chance from a perm ban. 2. Don't let your meme's get out of control. 3. Good luck to everyone starting out.
  9. Haha yeah man, I've always low key lurked to see how everyone was, I'm happy as fuck to be back bro. Thanks again man
  10. This game is raw as fuck. I HIGHLY recommend it, best $40 I've spent in a long time.
  11. I preach this all the time when I clear building with people. "near corner, far corner, cross corner" is the order at which I clear rooms (if possible anyways) Enjoy!
  12. Its a western song remix. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  13. I've missed you bro! lots of homo
  14. I run a 4790k & SLI 970's, I get on average 50-80 frames depending on city / area / population. Even before I got my second 970 I was still pushing about 50-60 constantly. This of course doesn't include Kavala frames, because we all know how fucking terrible it is in Kavala usually..
  15. Wow.... My ears are fucking bleeding...
  16. Sorry forum police. Just trying to post a link to a hilarious video....
  17. http://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1447124601137.webm

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