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  1. AMA - Eagles - Christmas Edition! 12/17/17

    Will you have sex with me? Favorite beer? Who's your favorite memer friend? cough cough
  2. Battlegrounds Funny Moments (Sneak Peak)

    Buahaha thanks man Yeah randy is a legend! Thanks dude.
  3. Battlegrounds Funny Moments (Sneak Peak)

    For sure dude! Sorry I missed you the other day. I'm down to smash though. Just hit me up when you see me around. The best way to reach me is discord.
  4. Funny? Nah? Opinions are appreciated!
  5. General187 - Unban Request

    Disregard, Issue has been fixed.
  6. General187 - Unban Request

    What Server were you banned from: Altis Life Who banned you: Unknown Why were you banned: Unknown When were you banned: Unknown What is your in game name: General187 User/Player ID: 76561198066067824 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: I played on the server a couple days after it went live again. Haven't played since that day. I tried to join the server to roll around as a public cops and discovered I've been banned for some reason.
  7. Just me being sneaky - 4Head

    Lol, I link a video here and it all of a sudden gets a bunch of down votes. Looks like the same toxic cunts are still around. This will be my last forum post at RGN. Take care guys. -Love General
  8. Just me being sneaky - 4Head

    So is the RGN Rust server ever coming back or getting updated? If it doesnt come back, and people want to play with me, feel free to hit me up! I usually play on the 350 pop Rustafied server.
  9. "impenetrable" lul

  10. General187

  11. Bring back the Rust server!

    I was talking to Dark yesterday I believe, he said that he has a server too
  12. winner! 1 copy of APEX

    1. I love that RGN gave me a second chance from a perm ban. 2. Don't let your meme's get out of control. 3. Good luck to everyone starting out.
  13. Fresh Start - Don't be strangers!