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  4. Welcome to RGN you nerds, hope you enjoy your time with us!!!
  5. Boom, thanks for the donation man. Those pennies will help keep @Dark off the street on account of his taco bell addiction.
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  9. Matthew

    Arma 3 Life

    If you read our most recent news article. You will see that we are considering bringing our Altis server back if there is enough interest from the community. I would recommend going and commenting on that post with your thoughts and commments on what you would want to see if it was indeed brought back.
  10. We have talked about this many times since it was taken down and it has always been a no from the majority of the community. Arma altis life has come and gone, very little people from the old staff team would want to even take part in a new server, myself included. During it's lifetime there was so much drama that came from it and none of us want that back, ever. We simply want a good community that we can come and game with others on and this is what RGN is now. We understand that there are people that really enjoyed our altis life server and we are grateful for that as we poured our hearts and souls into it, unfortunately, some of us poured too much into it and couldn't handle the stress and ended up leaving the community. I really do enjoy seeing these old videos as I have had some of my greatest memories on altis but unfortunately, altis on RGN is over.

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