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  1. completed Vehicle bomb by [MOB] Ashton

    Report Closed
  2. completed unbann appeal -Matt

    Alright @RANDY DA KANKYY, I have some good news and some bad news. Let's start with the bad news, unfortunately, after speaking with other admins I will not be unbanning you. You have shown time and time again that you can not contain yourself and over the past two weeks you have had over 6 outbursts in discord alone. You have shown us in teamspeak and now on the forums that you can not own up to your mistakes and take punishments like a mature individual. Let's move on to the good news. Good news is that you can take the rest of your 30 day ban and re-evaluate the way you compose yourself on our servers, possibly stopping this from happening again in the future. I would recommend you do not escalate this any further as I will not hesitate to extend your ban to discord as well.
  3. completed Vehicle bomb by [MOB] Ashton

    I'm confused as to what's happening in this report. Were you in the same teamspeak channel as them?
  4. Ban Dispute (Scratch)

    Thanks for putting in a ban dispute. The admin that banned you will reply here shortly. Please be patient. Until the admin responds, do NOT: Poke admins on Teamspeak to get unbanned. Private message admins on the forums to get unbanned. Post multiple ban disputes on the forums. Whine about your ban in the shoutbox. Failure to follow direction will either delay your dispute or will invalidate it. Continuing to not follow instructions will result in further administrative action. If you are not sure why you are banned, search the ban reports for your name. Rgn Code of Conduct @SomeoneYouLike
  5. TheMindDoctors Food Gallery

    Damn. That looks amazing!
  6. Wag 1

    Welcome to the community @Nathan_FraGz, hope you enjoy your stay!
  7. completed BFC l Baby Da Boss

    Thank you for the report, player has been banned for 30 days due to multiple notes on profile.
  8. completed unbann appeal -Matt

    Alright @RANDY DA KANKYY you have now been unbanned from teamspeak, you were previously banned for racism. If I get any reports about you saying any kind of racist remark you will be permanently banned with no chance to appeal.
  9. Introductions

    Welcome to the community @teifelhouden , hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on the forums or in discord.
  10. completed unbann appeal -Matt

    @RANDY DA KANKYY Could I possibly get your teamspeak user ID. To get it just click on tools and then identities. Then copy your Unique user ID
  11. completed [CC] Litty Combat Log

    I have added a note on litty for combat logging and mike lock for RDM.
  12. Longer Up-Times

    There are altis life servers out there that restart every 3 hours
  13. completed unbann appeal -Matt

    Player has been unbanned.
  14. HELD HOSTAGE | Arma 3 RP

    Hope you enjoyed my cameo pumping gas! XD
  15. completed Drewski , Droo Combat Log

    Thank you for the report. Player was already serving a ban so I have extended it to 30 days.