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  1. TBH the only reason player count increased is bcoz streamers were on ..... just my opinion
  2. Ahhh Yeh DJ keith is back finally some one that can have a drink and take a joke
  3. hehehehe i cant wait .... only cost me a days work ...... and yay fidget spinners .... wooooooooo
  4. Grrr because i cant submit mine i will vote for doodlebob as being the best overall Meme of himself ....
  5. last encounter RPD. stop at the checkpoint me . drive straight thro it while officers shoot at me and shout at each other about not closing the gates
  6. Name: [MAJ] Aden [ST6]Banned by: MackenzieServer: Altis Life Reason: Combat logging in restraints. 4th offense Length: for 30 days UID: 76561198212435172 GUID: bfe7b3a23c462af590819705918e6fce Hi guys, im sorry for my actions to RGN, its been over a week since my ban and im sorry for my actions, but my 4th strike? ive been cleared from every or most of them, I did kill an EMS and im sorry the combat log im not to sure off, if i could see a report that would be great. The only thing that stuck was the whole Noms incident. If i could see all 4 of my strikes that would be amazing. Im sorry for what ive done and I have reflected on it over the week, not being able to be with my friends and having fun is terrible and ive been a member on RGN for ages and moved from GSN. Thank you for reading this - Aden ps i would love to talk on ts instead of this whole writing thing if ur down for that
  7. Look forward to meeting you ...... all the best
  8. STILL NOT THE REAL ALIEN8R ........ glad ur back my man saw zed earlier u all coming back?
  9. Yay fun times to begin you also owe me a gold hat so -1 oops sorry had to edit this ..... but that's not the real Alien8r
  10. Altis life banned by NOMS Reason banned . homophobia when banned ... cant remember im 90% alcohol in game name .... Aden Ok im sorry that my last appeal didn't go to well ... i understand that u have warned me before for using homophobic language and i get that u want it to stop ...... i never said what u are accusing me of .. u went invisible in front of 4 heavily armed guys .... i said that u was a badmin i didnt even think of what u claimed i said.. i guess u have been called it before ...i have done nothing but try to fit in i may be set in my ways but that was really uncalled for and my response made it worse i'm actually sorry that its got to this point where u dont have alot of faith in me and would just like to ask seen as i didnt rdm loads of ppl or script the game all it was is a word that u take offence to even tho i never said it that i can be un banned thanks for ur time.. p.s i think i also got banned for bad cop while that wasnt me was another aden but ill sort that if it comes to it ... much love Aden
  11. Ur not the real Alien8r ......... :angry:

    1. Alien8r


      tsk tsk how dare you

      Image result for anakin skywalker you underestimate my power gif

  12. :finger:   hehe i like meme's what is up butter cup see u soon<3

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. The Real Aden

      The Real Aden

      oh u got a snowball aswell mine keeps cutting out and not letting audio thro do u get that?

    3. MolagTheMighty™


      no never had a problem with it

    4. The Real Aden

      The Real Aden

      im just bad with tech then lol :)


      LOL i can see u

  13. Yes im gonna be back bbe grill

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