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  1. I like my moneys and i dont grind .... all im saying
  2. hehehehe i cant wait .... only cost me a days work ...... and yay fidget spinners .... wooooooooo
  3. Grrr because i cant submit mine i will vote for doodlebob as being the best overall Meme of himself ....
  4. ok im not apologizing to you more to ur brother ....... fuck you we have had many arguments in the past....... altho all the statements you made are true i cant rp up a just magic up a squad of ppl behind me that want to be with me ... it just happens .. Tbh this will get to ugly if i didnt get some one to respond for me .... this statement was much longer ...
  5. Ok to be honest there is not much to explain i said that ...... the only defense i could possibly have is that i was drunk and on painkillers at the time which brings out the worst in me ..... i would like to apologize to boomsticks ... but i know he wont accept it .... i wasn't driving the car and near kav checkpoint when we were sirened i told him just to pull over so in the proceeding chase i was already having a heated argument with him .... i just dont have an off switch in these situations so it just keeps escalating .... i cant deny the steam thing .... but his brother told me in game he lost his finger so im not sure if thats fail rp ...... but anyway i know i fucked up bad there .... sorry
  6. this topic has set me off ...... this is my last horaah and i dont think i need to explain why ..... i wanted to be present at deathviews rp wedding .........but so fucking be it u wanna see the old Aden back for a few days and my 12yr old army come at you hard.. i got this ........... ur boring ...
  7. I think this is just the start of the storm.... deathview might not have meant it but its been a long time coming .... i have seen to many ppl leave due to constant annoyance from user's that do not care anymore .... them comments about me saying my bullets are good rp is just a new way to say hello to dickheads like you....
  8. @Marcus has my vote in what it takes. it would suck to loose you as a cop....... but as a full time trouble maker and rebel ... we carry our guns and shoot first because we are out matched in every situation not just shitty rp
  9. last encounter RPD. stop at the checkpoint me . drive straight thro it while officers shoot at me and shout at each other about not closing the gates
  10. I would like to say henrik is new and in experienced .... but after seeing that i cant defend his actions .. much love Aden
  11. Hello cousin ...
  12. I know im not one to speak but a gun on ur back is not brandishing a weapon an officer can ask u for your license and you have the right to refuse an officer can ask u for your id but thats all im pretty sure of not weapons license .... i have always been told by many cops that if its on my back and legal bare in mind its Aden saying this ... then they have no right to meta game you which has happened many a time to me and in my view and im actually shocked that deathview took that stance bcoz he out of all ppl know what idiots are capable of and how to bend the rules ........ dont worry i wont be here forever looks like my times up ....... i love u all peace and prosperity ... Aden
  13. I fail most of those requirements ............... plus ur not the real Alien8r
  14. Name: [MAJ] Aden [ST6]Banned by: MackenzieServer: Altis Life Reason: Combat logging in restraints. 4th offense Length: for 30 days UID: 76561198212435172 GUID: bfe7b3a23c462af590819705918e6fce Hi guys, im sorry for my actions to RGN, its been over a week since my ban and im sorry for my actions, but my 4th strike? ive been cleared from every or most of them, I did kill an EMS and im sorry the combat log im not to sure off, if i could see a report that would be great. The only thing that stuck was the whole Noms incident. If i could see all 4 of my strikes that would be amazing. Im sorry for what ive done and I have reflected on it over the week, not being able to be with my friends and having fun is terrible and ive been a member on RGN for ages and moved from GSN. Thank you for reading this - Aden ps i would love to talk on ts instead of this whole writing thing if ur down for that

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