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  1. Can we "try" white-list?

    I think that this is a stupid discussion to be having right now ..... malden has its problems .... we have a lot of people that used to be dedicated dis appear and lose interest and of course yes you need to act on the gun problem .....(got shot 13 times in a hr) which is even a record for me .... but what we do need to do is to continue enjoying while we play remember we are here to RP but we are also here to have fun ..... u dont get to respawn in real life ffs ..... i dont believe in anyway that whitelisting will help the rp bcoz u wont meet new ppl that wanna try on the other side of the coin tho is randoms that dont speak getting guns and going rambo ..... and dont get me started on pub cops ........ i personally dont mind being gunned down just whitelist more medics or put in a few pub medic slots .... and i believe as someone mentioned before in server promotion the truth is not gonna happen easy i have seen alot of streamer/youtubers play the server for 5 - 10 mins and fuck off ...... what i suggest is we get what made this fun for me in the first place ... basic interaction ..... urgh so many ppl will read this wrong way but i am at least 75% alcohol love you guys and plz help make malden great so we can come back
  2. i miss altis

    TBH the only reason player count increased is bcoz streamers were on ..... just my opinion
  3. A long awaited intro...

    Ahhh Yeh DJ keith is back finally some one that can have a drink and take a joke
  4. Vehicle Insurance

    I like my moneys and i dont grind .... all im saying
  5. Ladies and gentlemen...

    I need to stop getting drunk in kav But look out for the next track coming soon ...
  6. Resigning...

    But who will i get drunk with in kavala now ....... much love tho
  7. made or goal live event tommor at 8pm cent

    hehehehe i cant wait .... only cost me a days work ...... and yay fidget spinners .... wooooooooo
  8. Malden Life Poll

    Can i submit the answer Yes . but this is going to be a disaster like tanoa ?
  9. The Downward Spiral of some AL players

    I wish this was public information about 20 days ago ...... god im stupid there are things called rules ... i forget that when i get angry .... much love cya soon
  10. Funny Roleplay Meme Contest 1 Mil Prize!

    Grrr because i cant submit mine i will vote for doodlebob as being the best overall Meme of himself ....
  11. Aden[AT6] Fail RP

    ok im not apologizing to you more to ur brother ....... fuck you we have had many arguments in the past....... altho all the statements you made are true i cant rp up a just magic up a squad of ppl behind me that want to be with me ... it just happens .. Tbh this will get to ugly if i didnt get some one to respond for me .... this statement was much longer ...
  12. Aden[AT6] Fail RP

    Ok to be honest there is not much to explain i said that ...... the only defense i could possibly have is that i was drunk and on painkillers at the time which brings out the worst in me ..... i would like to apologize to boomsticks ... but i know he wont accept it .... i wasn't driving the car and near kav checkpoint when we were sirened i told him just to pull over so in the proceeding chase i was already having a heated argument with him .... i just dont have an off switch in these situations so it just keeps escalating .... i cant deny the steam thing .... but his brother told me in game he lost his finger so im not sure if thats fail rp ...... but anyway i know i fucked up bad there .... sorry
  13. UGA needs to step up their game

    oops did it wrong .....but i never thought i would agree with Jack Reddington ..
  14. What was your last interaction with the RPD?

    last encounter RPD. stop at the checkpoint me . drive straight thro it while officers shoot at me and shout at each other about not closing the gates
  15. Changes to bounty system

    What i think i was trying to say is have you ever met a civ with a pistol they are hella dangerous at the best of times there's no reason to let them try there hand at vigilante justice .... since the RPD officers are taking alot of training to do there job .... the amount of times i have been shot just for being british or telling someone to leave me alone is testament that i don't like it but i would rather trust the Rpd in situations to handle it with ROLE PLAY .... isnt that the reasons most of these new change's being added btw .... anyway's looks like im dusting off my mx and learning how to shoot outside 5m combat again .... i wish that we do truly do see some change tbh its getting a bit stale doing runs in the morning then spending all that money at night ... Edit .... it would also give any fully geared person a reason never to trust a random or interact with them