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  1. Thank you all and Congrats to all those who were picked and promoted this community continues to blow my mind.
  2. Welcome to the forums and the community. If you have any questions ask you will prob get 20 people trying to help.
  3. I think I have seen you around here! Welcome good sir.
  4. If anyone needs a hand setting up or testing their stream let me know long time streamer and have many friends partnered and non partnered in the twitch community.
  5. Glad to help all I can. Also thank you for sending me the info for applying the RGN community should have done this all when I joined years ago lol.
  6. No shit ur a DOC much much respect brother! And man do I agree with you thats why I keep all my ducks in a row with this I get that question all the time in my stream even had to more less prove it to a guy once.
  7. 10 and 11 I knew where u were heading with the questions and was waiting for the grunt too come out. How did u not get a combat deployment tho?
  8. Got attached to 2/8 and 2/9 in Marjeh and some interesting events in Coutu. I see your interest and def not as salty as most grunts are tho if your picking up what i mean by salty. Wasnt my day to day business as u know.
  9. My Primary MOS was 1142 Electrical Equipment Engineer Systems Tech.
  10. I believe I already said I was up there but yes I am with the USMC.
  11. Hello all I never do these guess I should start. Been a member here for a while (late 2015 or early 2016) I am as many of you have already found out a streamer and a Combat Vetaran as well as a regular player of the Altis Life server and now a RPD Cadet and Probie for EMS; so i guess its about time I say hi. Love the community here and hopefully will be here for a long time. Any questions feel free to ask pretty open guy and will gladly tell you if you ask the wrong questions.

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