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  1. Lol i knew it heres one that is stummping me right now File task9.java contains an incomplete program. Complete that program, by defining a count_occurrences function, and by modifying the existing most_frequent_character function, so as to satisfy the following specs: Function count_occurrences takes two arguments, a string and a character. It returns the number of times the character occurs in the string. Function most_frequent_character takes a string as an argument. It returns the character that occurs the most times in the string. If multiple characters tie for occurring the most times, the function can return any one of those characters tying for most occurrences. IMPORTANT: you are NOT allowed to modify in any way the main function. HINT: for every letter in the string, count how many times it occurs in the string. If it occurs more times than max_counter, then update max_counter and max_char. This is an example run of the complete program: Enter some text, or q to quit: hello world Most frequent character: 'l' Number of occurrences of 'l': 3 Enter some text, or q to quit: 786768hjk jkh89' Most frequent character: '8' Number of occurrences of '8': 3 Enter some text, or q to quit: Q Exiting...
  2. So when i used this it opens it but it doesnt allow me to trim it....
  3. So if I need to post a video but i dont want to post a full 20 min video what software should i use to edit/crop the video what is good?
  4. Hey Buddy I loved playing EMS with you last night had hella fun and you're a pretty chill guy hopefully we can do it again soon!
  5. I believe i got it answered but im sure there will be another one soon Lol
  6. This is great I have a problem already that i was given as a HW question and im just stumped beyond belief at the moment
  7. I was curious if anyone knew how to code in Java i know some parts of C and I'm in a class with Java now and need help occasionally was curious if anyone knew and would be interested to push me in the right direction at times. idk if this was the right tab to post this in but...

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