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  1. Picture Thread!

    Pic from Prom
  2. Arnold Wallace Intro

    Just a little
  3. Arnold Wallace Intro

    It really matters about where you live if you live near Oświęcim then hmu
  4. Arnold Wallace Intro

    Hi I am Arnold and I don't like FLAME WARS. Please don't start one or I will l LOCK the thread. P.S I like memes of different types. P.P.S I need help I am looking for big booty broads in my area, hit me up. P.P.P.S If I get killed by 55 one more time I am gonna flippin freak.
  5. Arnold Wallace

  6. [55] Ace Ban

    The thing is Ace didn't kill you he killed Frankie and I don't have a video because my game crashed that's is why the car was in the road if you can show us video of Ace killing you that would be great also Ace gave Frankie time to comply but he was just stalling, so I don't see how Ace rdmed anyone.
  7. [55] Ace Ban

    @Ronduth I was the one who got his car stolen and I am sure Ace killed Frankie not Timmy so he did not do anything to you, but to another person in your gang. Also @NickAce gave Frankie a second chance as we were already engaged with your gang.
  8. 55 Ban Dispute

  9. 55 Ban Dispute

    What server were you banned from: Altis Life Who banned you: Unknown Why were you banned: Bullying What is your in game name: [55] Alpha-734, [55] Hiorshi, [55] Ace, and [55] zac User/player ID: 76561198271897697, 76561198122892002, 76561198195926613, 76561198330133914 Please explain why you believe should be unbanned: First off, [55] would like to say we are sorry if we hurt @Stitch10901 feelings for making fun of him. @NickAce talked to stitch yesterday saying "Don't take anything personal we say in game, and that we are all here to have fun" and stitch agreed with what he said. We all talked to Stitch in TS (The day of the ban) asking if we hurt his feelings, and he said "no but sometimes we can take it a little to far". We also asked him if he told the admins and he said they just did it themselves without seeing if he was upset or not. We told him that if we are taking it too far next time to message us and we will stop. Also if we did hurt his feelings he made fun of himself 21:553 | (Side) [123] Stitch: I i i t's ok I'm s s s sorry I k k killed you . Stitch also sent us this message from Noms saying they took action without even asking if it bothered him, which he told us in TS it did not <17:50:49> "Stitch": <17:10:45> "[RGN] noms": Yeah I was watching as it happened, brought it up with the core members.
  10. completed Connors Cheap 10$ Any Game Giveaway

    Favorite Game is MW2 on xbox 360
  11. Arnold Wallace/Hiroshi - Distpute

    What Server were you banned from:[/b] tanoa/altis/teamspeak/discord/etc Teamspeak Who banned you: hoff/unknown/etc Tristan and Blackjack Why were you banned: rdm/trolling/micspam/etc Ban evading? When were you banned: past week/august 8th/etc Yesterday What is your in game name: lon johnson/tomas/etc Arnold Wallace User/Player ID: 123456789/found in arma Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: my explanation of the experience/etc Well first of all I was banned for ban evading because my brother is Hiroshi and Blackjack out of no where pulled him into a ts channel and started yelling a him saying he was "Bluey" which he is not. He just randomly started doing that then I guess he got Tristan to believe him so he ip banned me and my brother for no reason, except for him thinking that he heard someone say "Blueys in the channel above me" which he was, but not on ts this person was talking about a discord channel that just bluey, my friend, my brother, and myself were in. I find it sad that just cause they hear a name that they don't like they decided to just ban him for no reason.
  12. completed Getting Banned for Vdm?

    What Server were you banned from?: Altis Life Who banned you?: z4kpl Why were you banned?: VDM When were you banned?: 3:50AM 5-29-16 What is your in game name?: [FO] Arnold Wallace User ID: 76561198271897697 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned.: I was reported for RDM but then Blackjack changed it to Vdm but even as the admin who banned me even quoted from the rules "Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is defined as intentionally killing any player with any type of vehicle unless it's self (not entity) defense from another civilian or rebel using a weapon (not a police officer). VDM will get you banned." As u can see in the video I didn't kill anyone with the quad bike. Also as I explained in the report those guys in the square were saying and I quote " I dare u pussy u wont hit us" so I drove away and came back and hit them then blackjack shot at so I killed him.
  13. Well I'd like to talk to any head admin in ts
  14. Bones since u would not like to talk with me in ts id like to speak with a head/senior admin