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    [RGN] Mav

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    Intel i486 DX
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    mac mini casing
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    paper plate
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    sneakers bars
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    8 gig
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    lost it
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    iphone camera
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    hair dryer adapter
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    cardboard box + hot glue
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    crtv (2)
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    apple earbuds
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    apple earbuds
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    milk crate chair
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    windows 95
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    made it myself cardboard and pennys
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    apple hockey puck mouse
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    couldn't handle the sexiness

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    A House on a Rd off a St off a Highway Near Charlotte NC
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    Building PCs, Airsoft, Fast cars

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  1. David Crenshaw - Reintroducion

    You better name ur real child after your online child, me Welcome back dad
  2. wanted Looking for 1050's

    I doubt a 350w could do all 3 most people reccomend a 650w
  3. wanted Looking for 1050's

    Adam 1070 is the way to go from what I know it’s more efficient and makes much more. Mine makes about 4-5$ a day depending on bitcoin price. If u haven’t already ,use the NiceHash profit calculator on their website. Here are your estimated earnings for ur power cost and a 1050 ti or a 1070
  4. wanted Looking for 1050's

    I mine I’d reccomend getting a 1070 instead of 1050s mine makes around 5$ a day (only one card) this isn’t a mining rig just my gaming pc I have a dedi but only one r7 370 which doesn’t do much. Also depending on what ur mining (id reccomend using NiceHash as it’s simple and mines what’s best for ur card automatically) but ur card must be 4gb or more
  5. Happy New Year RGN!

  6. December Recruitment

    Congratz guyz and galz
  7. will u take me in as your child? Do u like minecraft Want kids or nah Am i your fav 14 yo. in RGN
  8. Pet and Animal Thread

    Ash the black one and Bernie on top pic and my beloved fat ass friend sonny on the bottom
  9. R u still in that closet? would u eat a reindeer do u think ms.clause is thicc?
  10. Where are my streamers at?

    What stream services do you use? Twitch What's your stream name?: Mav2003_rgn What do you like to stream?: RB6, WoW, whatever else friends are playin When do you stream?: normally late after noon or late night on weekends or week days when i can
  11. My new rig!

    We want that full body pic not just a pretty face
  12. My new rig!

    Thanks one sexy machine 💦💦
  13. AMA Returns! - Draxt 12/10/17

    Favorite adult website