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    milk crate chair
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    couldn't handle the sexiness

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    Welcome fellow resident of NC hope ur enjoying our wonderful weather.
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  4. Reckless 2 Yr Anniversary Stream

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  12. I know many people here would like a whitelisted server for super strict roleplay but also many that want a more chill one that’s public and an attract new players. If we could have both and the man power for both than GREAT. Like the idea though and would be up for a strict one and maybe hop on it for some super funny shit and jump back in public every now and than. I know a lot of us here aren’t super big role players. But also the money grind gets boring AF maybe loosen the eco on public and have the trainer on whitelisted. Public could help people get used to more roleplay and will hopefully help with transition from altis to gta if the player is willing to change their mindset
  13. Introduction