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    boy of bestest grammar
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    [RGN] Mav

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    Intel i486 DX
  • CPU Cooler
    mac mini casing
  • Motherboard
    paper plate
  • Memory
    snickers bars
  • Storage
    8 gig
  • Audio Card
    pffff thats oldschool
  • Video Card
    lost it
  • Capture Card
    iphone camera
  • Power Supply
    hair dryer adapter
  • Case
    cardboard box + hot glue
  • Monitor(s)
    crtv (2)
  • Headphones
    apple earbuds
  • Microphone
    apple earbuds
  • Other Hardware
    milk crate chair
  • OS Software
    windows 95
  • Keyboard
    made it myself cardboard and pennys
  • Mouse
    apple hockey puck mouse
  • Webcam
    canon 70D

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    A House on a Rd off a St off a Highway Near Charlotte NC
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    Building PCs, Airsoft, Fast cars

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  1. When will you ever answer this? @Dark
  2. What’s ur normal chick fil a order sweet tea or anything else dog or cat r u lonely
  3. Ewww wine is bad but happy B-Day
  4. THAnks for all the support
  5. Believe they went by Wyatt and Pluto or Jacob I don’t remember just know they got banned from altis or at least one of them did I would tell all the members what was going on behind the scenes with everything unless it’s super personal or something and have a large brain storming session with all members to get more involved in the community and grow it more Dont remember two girls one cup but know what it is. may review it
  6. Welcome and if you haven’t already join us on discord https://discordapp.com/invite/rgn

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