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  1. Thx a lot @Boomsticks
  2. Make it a small charge maybe 100-400$
  3. Was wondering if anybody would mind making or editing a twitch over lay for free just need the very basics name and area to have followers and chat possibly can talk on Teamspeak if anyone is willing to do it
  4. I feel not having a random jury would be a good idea for that reason maybe a process on the forums maybe a chosen jury by the appointed judge to make sure that the jurors don't have a connection to the suspect. Put in a short application for jury to make sure they haven't broken any rules notes kicks bans to be fair
  5. This kind of goes along with the license script idea but maybe make it a license at rebel for however much and add a screw driver and u can windows key on a car and have option switch plates if ur car is within 10m and police can check for evidence of tampering during an arrest. If u need more details just ask
  6. I used to use that cpu
  7. Ok I know there is a fee to add apps to the apple App Store also.
  8. Is it possible to get phone notifications
  9. Pls twitch overlay without ronduth
  10. Any one else have tips
  11. Lol that sucks but funny af
  12. Thx @Renziousive been using much but ma thinking about switching to streamlabs. Recently changed the name and can't change it again for a while plus I have been using the name mav2003 for many years and am the only one on twitchfigured the RGN would help the server. Also working on getting new mic and headphones needed them anyway. Any tips to get ur channel out there. People have said twitter but I'm not the best at keeping up on social media but if I hit 100 followers may start one. Have also said YouTube can help getting that setup to upload laughs and clips maybe an hour long stream every now and then.

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