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  1. Kiss for a Pardon ? *Nice Cops*

    Um kiss for reccomendation to PO
  2. introduction

    So confused is this an intro or just dissing the admins and staff. If it's number 2 ur totally wrong have seen very few uncalled for bans in being here over a year. I look thru almost every ban and everyone's ban or kick had good reasoning that I've seen. Umm see u around I guess and welcome
  3. Mission Designer Wanted

    Would definetly like to help out but would have to play around it a bit more maybe a little teaching but would help out for little bits of needed.
  4. Release Wednesday so I can play 1st day
  5. Reckless Friday Feedback!

    Great name tags could be helpful or everyone take the same approach as hoff did with his own name tag. Over all was pretty great
  6. TheMindDoctors Food Gallery

    🤤🤤🤤 feed me
  7. Altis Life Admins

    Mav2003 for admin 2k17
  8. Code display for cops

    Would it be possible for the devs in there little bit of having nothing important to do add a small display maybe next to health bar and stuff that displays for cop what code u are on like code 4 or something and display it same color as on map. Me and cops have had the issue of forgetting to change it back especially after u die. Or maybe it's just me but it sounds simple and wouldn't take long
  9. LOA

    Don't fall down a mountain hit ur head on a rock and slowly bleed out without any one knowing. BTW have fun
  10. Longer Up-Times

    The only time it really hurts the server is when there is an issue and it restarts multiple times. Most times are at good points just not the 7 est
  11. Add the old Tablet back!!

    Don't fix it if it ain't broke
  12. HELD HOSTAGE | Arma 3 RP

    It's pretty smexy but tooooooooooooooooooo long