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    Gaming, Fishing, Hunting, CSGO, ARK and ArmA!

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    Intel Core i5-4690k
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    G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB
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    LG 24M35 23.6" LED Monitor - 1920 x 1080
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    Artic Z2 Pro Dual Monitor Stand
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    Razer Blackwidow X Chroma
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    Razer Naga 2016 Chroma

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  1. Still waiting for it to drop. @Jim Jim
  2. Happy birthday Seta
  3. down vote'd on reddit.
  4. Corvette z06 I've always liked chevys and its just a sexy car honestly. Tesla Model X It's the fucking future, come on.
  5. Sorry for being inactive Gmod has me hooked

  6. Soo... I've been thinking for a long time and had to get this off my chest. I am now fully leaving RGN, and dropping all my duties. Its been such a fucking ride! I cannot believe home many people I've met, if it wasn't for RGN I really would be lost and not know where I would be at this such time. I just want to thank some special people! @MiAtChFor Being my Rolemodel and Encouraged me to Join RGN, and for Showing 21pilots to me! @YamiFor Allowing me to Play ARK With you and Have Fun! (PS The Bruins Still Suck) (P.P.S Have fun losing to the Toronto Trashple Leafs) @SethaFor Being a Great Friend and Also Allowing me to Play ARK With you, you Taught me a lot About mods! @MarsendjiFor Teaching me a Little About CS:GO and Being a Redneck! @Barddy @DJDerPTronic You both and Angus Brought me Into the RPD and Just Helped me Improve Myself as a Roleplayer. @ConnorFor Also Teaching me CS and Helping me FRAG Some Kids on Altis Life, Keep up the Montages my Dude! @Gewchie @InfernalRage @Goats @Al Hoff @GooNie @RisingRonin @Ronduth @MoneyB Thank you for Putting me in the Position I am in now and Giving me Hospitality! @BraddokThanks for Motivating me to Join the RPD and Being the Best Cartel Leader Ever! @Pilot X @Desert Hawk @Boomsticks Thanks for Allowing me to join the OG B.I.A From Then I Started to be More Involved in Everything! @InfernalRage Special Thanks to my Step Dad for Being a Lightweight Fuck and for Going to the Store a lot! @z4kplHANDS THE FUCK UP BUDDY! @TouriFor Being a Good Helper for When I was Stupid as all Fuck on the ARK Server! @TristanFor Being my RPD / RGN Squeaker Friend! @ASAP Baxter!For Being a Comedic guy, you sir Cannot Ever not Make me not Laugh! @Echo @Portal2TheMoonFor Getting RPGd on a Tower and Getting the Purple Heart! @Burka @Chow @daffy For Being the Crew That sits in Lobby 2 all Fucking Day and Don't Associate Thereself's With Anyone Else. @Dark For Taking Care of my Reports That I Needed to be Done! (Thanks my DUDE!) @BlackjackFor Playing Siege With me and Teaching me how to Play the Game. @Steve @MatthewFor Allowing me to be an EMS Lead Paramedic and to Assist you in Your Duties! And Lastly! @EaglesFor Being the Almighty........ CLOSET BOY! As Well as Being a Good Gang Leader! (P.S FIND THE FUCKING LIGHT!) IF I FORGOT YOU IM SO SORRY! This is my final Gewd BAI! - Wolfy Former Admin / Former SPO & Cpl / Former EMS Lead Paramedic / Former Bad Pubcop Pilot APRIL FOOLS BITCH! DON'T CRY I'M NOT LEAVING!
  7. CS is prutty cool
  9. That's a beautiful knife profile pic you have there. Have fun, Welcome!
  10. R.I.P welcome.
  11. WaaaSuh
  12. Clips?
  13. Heepur Burrday from Boopy

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