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  1. @John_Snow My fucking question is why they making this shit into a fucking comedy? And Second Kylo Ren is very very powerful and underrated. Yes he got raped by Rey in TFA but when he was fighting those Praetorian Guards he was absolutely insane. He is also very smart, while turning his hilt he was also turning Rey's saber while doing so.
  2. Why r U Ugly Why is your closet so Dark? How do you fit a pool in your closet?
  3. Lately it has come to my attention that it is so stupid that I would stress over a video game. And with this last week with school and everything that has been happening I have been stressing. It is so stupid that I would stress over a community online. I'm not stressing about in real life things im stressing about the computer and thats just so stupid. So I just need to take a break from RGN. I will get on here and there to play scenarios and talk to friends but im not getting involved with anything. Im going to focus on school. @David Crenshaw Good Luck. I'll try to map dev as scenarios is something I enjoy so I will be on for that. This is such a stupid post and I shouldn't have to be posting this. I give everyone my respect but when I am disrespected I take it personally. If you want to move this to members lounge do so but there is no point because other people should be aware of my absence and what my issue has been. Dueces You might see me playing GTA V RP or Scenarios but thats really it. I just need a break from people who make me stressed and not get in situations that make me stressed Im not leaving RGN completely im just making sure I keep my distance from things that cause stress.
  4. https://gyazo.com/4c536caac59e8ddc518af388380faead Pub cop Yung Wolf Rich asf. https://gyazo.com/99da0d6fd7e2113defff06e043bc1f1f @z4kpland @BangbusDriver https://gyazo.com/f308d030001e0345ab54bef7616e3df5 First Day on the job boys. https://gyazo.com/ce6c8840c5a4092375c1069a3f274d9c Hot. https://gyazo.com/54ff23a94c2498200dd6b9031c872549 Modded Altis https://gyazo.com/1c80374870a3b38e51c622095540c0d1 Bukkake Memers https://gyazo.com/1ba027182acd00dee79efa7d84fb24cc Cpl Wolf and Cpl R. Phenix aka @Tristan https://gyazo.com/fc505584e0fd3fb36d0c96b756088e3f Tanoa in a nutshell. https://gyazo.com/ae4618d7ebaba2ec8866959c6fae1901 Getting Turnt with the Juggalos @Ronduth https://gyazo.com/914aaef990c4a64e97b27280b1842a81 EMS Lead Paramedic for the boys @Steve https://gyazo.com/84f713c62e30329d364194afe9b1438e Can't forget about the ST boys @Chozzi @Dino66 @Steve https://gyazo.com/e43d0c1f1e232f68767a77a57379a9b6 @sauceGot Lynched MORE SOON
  5. I feel for you Faclon. Losing pets is the fucking Worst.
  6. probs humping his couch @Lamar
  7. We need Infernal, and more Infernal.

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