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  1. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. New gpu

    can get for like 450 601202919&IsNodeId=1&Submit=ENE
  3. New gpu

    1070 is a great graphics card.
  4. Picture Thread!

  5. Picture Thread!

    Ha no that is not me.
  6. Roleplay...

    They are both banned already, but i still think there is an issue here for the RPD side of things.
  7. Roleplay...

    Interesting post.
  8. completed john smith - Combat Log

    Thank you for the report, a note has been added to his profile.
  9. August | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congratz everyone
  10. Picture Thread!

  11. Thank you for the report, Player has been temporary banned.
  12. ban appeal on ts

    Since you can no take the time to simply put it in the correct format, this dispute will be maked invalid and if you wish for a ban dispute use the correct format. What Server were you banned from: tanoa/altis/teamspeak/discord/etcWho banned you: hoff/unknown/etcWhy were you banned: rdm/trolling/micspam/etcWhen were you banned: past week/august 8th/etcWhat is your in game name: lon johnson/tomas/etcUser/Player ID: 123456789/found in armaPlease explain why you believe you should be unbanned: my explanation of the experience/etc
  13. Should Cops Have Hunter HMG's

    I'm still in favor of taking all armored vehicles out of the server, Minus the Tempest etc.
  14. Ban report - [RN] Bodacious

    Talked to player, Player hit a macro that spammed clicked but if caught again should be banned and has been told that he will not be unbanned if it happens again.