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  1. This is for @Billy Bob
  2. good very good
  3. Thanks! @Redrum for supporting this epic community.
  4. Thanks! @SomeoneYouLike for supporting this epic community.
  5. Thanks! @Alqza for supporting this epic community.
  6. i agree +1 its about RP not going after someone just to get cash
  7. Put DD down as friendly's we don't attack unless provoked.
  8. Welcome! always see you on cop +1
  9. Diamond Dogs " Cry havoc and let slip the dog of war! " ( Keep scrolling down for more info ) Recruitment status: | OPEN | As of 4/26/17 Requirements: 1. Must know the RGN website rules & RGN Malden Life 2. Must know basic functions and controls of arma 3 and know how to RP 3. Must use RGN's public teamspeak Rules: 1. Must follow all RGN rules in-game, on TS and on the RGN website 2. Must not rob/kill/ziptie/steal from fellow gang members 3. Don't be a dick to others its just game and were here to play games and have fun not to ruin for others. 4. Gang tags [DD] are to be worn at all times while active in gang activities Gang application format: Use this application format to apply for [DD] Diamond Dogs, Fill it out the best you can send it to @MolagTheMighty™ with a pm titled " [DD] gang application " we will get to it as soon as possible. In Game Name: Age: What vehicle do you use the most? Do you prefer to do legal or illegal money runs? How many hours do you have in ARMA 3? Do you have a microphone that you can use in game? Do you own all the ARMA 3 DLC? if not please list the missing DLC. What is your dominant skill in ARMA 3? What is the most important skill in a gang is? how did you find out about [DD] Diamond Dogs? Please tell us how you will make [DD] Diamond Dogs a better gang to be in? Have you been Banned in the last 30 days? if "yes" please explain why. Ranks: [DD] Leaders @MolagTheMighty™ @Billy Bob [DD] First Lieutenant [DD] Second Lieutenant [DD] Sergeant @Riggerman10 [DD] Corporal [ Trainees ] [DD] Private [DD] Diamond Dogs Allies / Friendly, Neutral, Enemy's Allies / Friendly TGR Neutral: ~Everyone Not Listed~ [ RPD ] Enemy: -None- [DD] Diamond Dogs Territory & Resources Resources: "Diamonds" & "Diamond accessories"
  10. .

  11. Good to see you around again - welcome

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