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  1. You know I feel that people don't quite completelt understand the meaning of indisputable. Im sorry to say that once I implement a 6 month it cannot be revoked for any reason excluding administrator error. Your ban will stay in place for the remaining 3 and a half months. We hope that you'll consider coming to join us again once your back with a clean slate!
  2. Player will remain banned as player resorted to money duplication straight away rather than trying our server. Try again in September.
  3. -1
  4. Much appreciated
  5. invalid

    Marked invalid as player did not complete my request to provide additional information. In any case from an RPD standpoint no wrongdoing was witnessed.
  6. invalid

    Please provide audio from Andy otherwise I will be marking this as invalid as from what I'm seeing he wanted you to get off the kart. Whether or not your tires were shot out does not matter. you have 24 hours.
  7. @Jack Reddingtonprovide 5 minutes prior to the engagement. Failure to do so will result in me marking this invalid due to lack of evidence. You have 24 hours.
  8. completed

    If you had placed a terror threat even if the message did not pop up the text would have appeared in the text on the lower hand corner. You will remained banned.
  9. completed

    @codykillerpcIf you can show us video or screen shots of your terror threat with the In game hud time stamp then well see about lifting your ban.
  10. completed

    Give or take five minutes until the video is ready to view maybe 10
  11. completed

    I have a full 10 minutes of video prior to the shooting and no terror threat was received, I will now upload the full video.
  12. completed

    No Terror threat was sent out, at any point, I will have the video up shortly, Call this a preemptive ban for you gunning down civs at square.
  13. Here's a recommendation... how about you pull over and submit to the police, otherwise be ready to face the consequences amigo.
  14. As stated you have already received your 4th strike ban, Its almost impossible to hear any commands given out when there is a helicopter spooled up. As Deathview stated for me your still banned. See you in 6 months!
  15. Nope I wasn't involved Civilian casualties would have been much greater

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