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  1. Nope I wasn't involved Civilian casualties would have been much greater
  2. who is this guy

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      im definitely pressing x right now 

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      I'ts all on the forums all you simpletons have to do is look :)

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      im definitely lookin right now

  3. I said it once Ill say it again, This server has gone down 3 times only to come back even more popular the the last, Like A$ap said nice meme
  4. Maybe I won't lock it maybe everyone will adhere to my warning
  5. ARMA is CPU intensive game make sure everythings working as it should be as well, I had it on my SSD not to long ago and found that the load times werent all to much different just make sure your CPU is cranking out enough juice as bohemia can't make a game that would rather use a graphics card. Maybe we should all switch to Intel HD graphics...
  6. He's right don't feel the need to restrict yourself moderation and a little (key word little) bit of calorie counting so you don't go overboard
  7. Coming from your pal who's in the running for the RCMP the Canadian equivalent of the FBI I can understand your concern. I tried this during one of my vacations at the result were pretty awesome. You will need to grab some work out/dietary supplements if you can. anyhow I will give you my regiment that I used for two weeks. Short time I know but weight was lost and muscle tone was introduced. I won't lie almost every dinner was Pizza (out of my control) so swap out for some lean protein meats. Again this worked for me result may very. Monday Breakfast: Small bole (single serving) of Cheerios (honey nut or regular) in skim milk Lunch: Healthy styled sandwich. (I visited a cafe before and after every workout at lunch and purchased a mango tuna sanwich with Lettuce and god knows what style of sauce. Dinner: Like I said I had pizza due to my friends treating me in vay cay. Supplement (or don't) with Chicken breast or a good cut of steak. When cooking any of it drain any grease that may form. All Suggested Snacks Throughout The Day (No Nuts.): The only snack that was in my day was a cup of tea before my weight lifting workout. List of supplements!: Results may vary! Consult Your doctor and the supplement team! Ripped Freak Hybrid Fat Burner (This one makes you sweat like a mother fucker and helps burn the carbs. Be warned you must stay very hydrated before during and after taking this) Any Style of pre workout supplement is fine I used some crappy all natural stuff and it was for one disgusting but oh well C4 is a decent supplement to take before and during. Just mix with water (havn't used myself yet but I hear lots of good things). Lastly what I take right after my breakfast is a Vita pack. Its best to go to a supplement store and speak with an advisor to find what one suits you remember results very After breakfast if the gym is close enough Run/Jog (or speed walk whatever you can maintain). Repeat Monday through Sunday

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