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  1. pull out game weak, expected better from you smh ...
  2. where the fuck is my name, congrats XD
  3. Someoneyoulike would've liked this, XD
  4. I consider my self pretty good at PUBG and will be hjappy to play with you Ive been looking for some dudes too paly with so just hmu
  5. Is this where you banned all of op4 ? XD
  6. I say we excecute you on altis for treason lol . CYA bud goodluck m8 thanks for the +1
  7. you just turned my minecraft to hard mode
  8. Staff decided to throw away the Altis Life
  9. Didn't know you still exsisted Mr. Aimbot
  10. dont know if u remember but we were cdts together on altis TB to our trainings lol

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