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  1. New Altis - new idea

    Yes bangbus is the fucking GOAT
  2. I'm pretty sure there has been more drama since altis life ended lol

    IMO nothing will be better than Altis Life. Fuck all the toxic people who made this shit die. And I find it comedic that some of you are trashing altis life but you forget that altis is what made this community popular. I can rant about this all day but. i'd like to thank all the people that were apart of making Alits Life great Rest In Peace Alits
  4. Introduction

    Hey man !

    Don't have any pictures but I really miss altis life :(((((
  6. Introduction

  7. Need music

    TEAM 10
  8. Expanding The Community

    Great Idea !
  9. Expanding The Community

    Xbox MasterDTM Forza,R6,Destiny 2,ARK
  10. Greetings, So with the release of destiny 2 I've noticed that quite a few of our members actually own a console I think it would be awesome to play with members on console exclusive games like forza and stuff like that. Also to people that just prefer console. So if any of you guys have a console I encourage you to type below, 1: (Console) 2: ( Gamertag) 3: (Games You enjoy playing)
  11. Yeah I love forza and my fav car is the Mclaren P1 but I prefer horizon over motorsport
  12. I think it would be cool if you added the RPD back in and kept the ranking system
  13. Type 115 For Civs

    Good morning RGN, I recently saw Crenshaw's post about adding Katiba to the RPD. The type 115 is probably my favourite gun in arma 3 and I really don't see why cops have access to it I would think it would always be Op4 guns for rebel, and blufor weapons for the RPD. Obviously you wouldn't give us the .50 cal with it but I just think it could add more selection for rebels. This doesn't mean you would have to take it from cops but since RPD is probably getting the Katiba I don't really see a reason the rebels cant have the Type 115. Please leave your opinions and comments below I would love to see what you guys think about this. - Master