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  1. Fixing Altis

    Hello RGN, Myself and @gunner are both "veterans" of this community. One thing we both love, and hold dearly is Altis Life. We want to pretty much be the Civ Voice since I believe the one thing this server community lacks is the attention to Civs. We are trying to make civ life more entertaining we are here to speak for the civs !. So we encourage you to leave suggestions down below once we get enough suggestions we can refine them put in into a formal essay and send it to Altis game managers for it to hopefully be looked at. If you are interested in helping gunner and I you can PM us P.S. I don't want to see any "altis is dead" bullshit just suggestions - Master and Gunner
  2. Chef Elliott

  3. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    Me too I have been on the server for a while and understand what civs want #Gunner,Master for CIV LEADER
  4. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    Lol get all the fucking members to idol the server. Maybe we could work on something, we've seem pretty large Youtubers play on this server but none of them have even mentioned what server they were playing on. Another thing the admins and devs cater way to much to the RPD when you should really be focusing on civs. In the RPD and EMS there is a captain to tell the devs their factions issues and what needs to be added, but there is nothing like that for civs maybe if you made someone like idk a Civ speaker that could come to your meetings or what not and display the issues the Civs are facing. The server has came back from worse ... - Master
  5. Mission Designer Wanted

    I would love to be apart of the dev team and especially this part I have made many military bases, hangars ETC for my friends and I to play zeus on and have logged countless hours on the eden editor I made a new shipping yard but my arma 3 crashed before I could save so I just made this hangar this in like 10 mins. I also know how to make AI perfrom certain animations if that could come in handy. I play on this server daily so I know what people would want added. I also have a lot of free time on my hands to help you guys out Fish Market: Shooting Range: Mine: Also if anyone would like and tips and or help making animations or anything just PM me ! ( (will be adding more)
  6. Mission Designer Wanted

    @Paronitywhat is the deadline for this ?
  7. Type 115 For Civs

    Good morning RGN, I recently saw Crenshaw's post about adding Katiba to the RPD. The type 115 is probably my favourite gun in arma 3 and I really don't see why cops have access to it I would think it would always be Op4 guns for rebel, and blufor weapons for the RPD. Obviously you wouldn't give us the .50 cal with it but I just think it could add more selection for rebels. This doesn't mean you would have to take it from cops but since RPD is probably getting the Katiba I don't really see a reason the rebels cant have the Type 115. Please leave your opinions and comments below I would love to see what you guys think about this. - Master

    I understand my comments were rude and anti-social but sometimes I can't help it especially with trolls I am sorry

    BTW Potaoto I did not do it for the money I did it because your were trolling the cops if you would've RPd with us you would still have your heli also keep in mind I comped you after this even though I didnt need 2

    Honestly Potato I am not the only one who dislikes you in this community this is part of the reason why the Altis server is slowly dying cause all you people do is bitch and complain "see you on the fourms" when I asked who you were in the RPD break room a number of people said "some toxic kid who reports people and whines" also it states in the RPD protocol: that we can chop vehicles if the vehicle was used to murder an officer or VIA fire arm. Also potato, after you rammed my car I brought you back to pd you continued to bitch and whine about your helicopter and I gave you 250k in comp for me doing nothing wrong and guess what you still put the report up honesty I can't believe you this is beyond toxic. And you can ask officer bradley and officer brandon about this one we asked potato to land his helicopter multiple times before shooting it down Potato and his "possy" were also spamming us with 911 calls about us "breaking COC" so whatever admin or member of RPD leadership is looking at this and decides to ban me this is just showing everyone that on this server if you bitch and whine you get your own way. And the thing about bradley ever heard of D-sync another thing that is stated in the server rules. And also btw Potato smashng into a car without any initiation is VDM. and also why don't you @ me next time instead letting me find out through a RPD meeting
  11. Wag 1

    um welcome
  12. Longer Up-Times

    TBH I just say change up the restart scedule if they can
  13. Longer Up-Times

    Hello RGN, Recently I have been playing a lot of altis life and I have been doing so for the past year, one thing that has always seemed to be a problem for me is the length of the up (time between restarts) especially now when the server Isn't as popular as it once was restarts KILL the server pop I think making the server higher would be a much better way to go about things. Let me know your thoughts and opinions about this idea, thank you, - Master
  14. Need a Monitor

    Hello, I have recently been looking in for an affordable curved monitor that is at least over 25" my price range is nothing more than $650 CAN. I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions thx - Master