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  1. Hello again!

    I'm hopin' to get into PUBG & GTA5. I already play league & ARMA, but have yet to play with anyone in the community recently in those two so far. Thanks man! Hopin' to get back into the fray with you, matt, and possibly a few others if they're still around.
  2. Hello again!

    Hello! I'm known most other places as "Seasons" but some around here might know me as Sheik. I was an active Arma 3 player when the Altis life server was still around, but I went MIA after I got frustrated with my PC dropping to about 5 frames when I entered a gun fight. My time spent on the Altis life server was mainly spent with my old gang [THOT]; Which consisted of Myself, Ryan, RandomFatguy69, Matt, Bob of Uganda and a few others. I've recently upgraded my CPU/Motherboard and decided to come back and play ARMA 3 with the ol' RGN server, and saw that it was down. But just looking around and seeing old faces I've decided I wanna come back and stick around this time, Altis life or not :] I hope to see you all in any game we might play!
  3. Bringing back Altis life?

    @wioperatoriw Agreed. I've met so many people via the Altis life server. Been MIA for a little while and decided to come back to see it gone. I'll have to buy up GTA5 and try that server, but I have a feeling it won't be anywhere near as much fun as I had on Arma 3 w/ my Gang and such. We'll see though. I've got high hopes.