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  1. Its been 6 days you slacking get to work.
  2. Congratulations to the Following Soldiers on their Promotions PFC: @Eggman @Tristan @Bob @Boomsticks @David_Chlo @Bob Hoss @BUSHWOOKIE__ @David Crenshaw @Ranger Robbie @Steve @ManofConstantGold
  3. Add units to training map
  4. 3rd person is enabled
  5. *On Hold* Requires a First and Last Name
  6. perma banned

    Player Banned: Susah AbduleeServer: teamspeakBan Reason: Music Spam/ Music rapeBan Length: PermaUUID: v7bvZXthFhgNrHFncGEQNoxM3DI=
  7. i'll place 5 on the one that hits under par or the one with the most touchdowns
  8. Rank of Cpt. + Head Mission Creator: Silenthitter
  9. Rank of Lt.+ Head Admin: Thorvald Admin: Silenthitter
  10. Uhh I think they will have to reapond to just that terror threat. And then if there is another they would probably move to the next one. There needs to be 3 swat online to even gear up. @Turtles in the past there have been divisions within the RPD like highway, DEA, and others but non were like what rising is going for in swat. I love the idea of swat personally I wish for other cops to become like the average cop that most of us know of aka (no flash, gas, sup for normal cops) and make it swat exclusive. But besides that it's gonna be interesting to see how SWAT plays out (MOS is probably my least favorite scope I would've preferred the kahilla if I was gonna be apart of swat)
  11. @RisingRonin is the swat roster gonna be public?
  12. umm how about only swat get suppressors (except on the tazer stuff) and only swat gets combat armor (reg cops only get police vests) and reg cops go down to 5.56 Limit tear gas and flash bangs to swat only amored vehicles, ghost hawk, speed boat minigun all swat only instead of simply buffing rebels why dont we just nerf all other cops
  13. I'll be watching this for the next hour or two ;P
  14. F.Y.I this isn't a discussion post if you want a discussion post make one in general discussion

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