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  1. researching Move Selenako Dive Shop

    Cause its super annoying when im doing pearls and i have to drive over there get a boat, drive that to pearls, do pearls drive back to maki bay just to run back into town then grab a truck then drive it back and hope to god that the boat didn't dissapear but guess what. most of the time it did
  2. cant find the thing the actual menu to buy guns
  3. Can the Selenako Dive shop be moved to Maki Bay or atleast put a boat Garage down there since there is a pier and all?
  4. Altis life ban list

    Yeah then they get perm banned for rdm
  5. Altis life ban list

    RGN gives these people more than enough chances/warning to fix the way they play. if they cant try to fix them selves with all the warnings given whats the point in giving them another chance sooner ? They should be happy it wasn't a Perm ban. The whole point of those 3-6 month bans is so that they can think about what they did and change. cutting it short doesnt help them. Most Ban disputes i look at either have " I should've known better" or "yeah i fucked up" or "all my friends play on this server and love it im sorry" and i just think to myself yeah no shit. Thats why you got a 6 month ban in the first place. If you knew better you wouldn't have broken whatever rule you broke. If you knew you fucked up it shouldn't take a ban for you to realize it then own up to it. Own up to the fact you fucked up in the beginning that way it shows you are learning and trying to do better not this fucking copy paste shit that is seen on most disputes. There are plenty of people who are RGN members who broke rules before becoming RGN members and they fixed it they took actions to make themselves better than the average player. Hell i can remember a report or two against me and I owned up to those mistakes. So i re-read the rules like religiously. probably about 2-4 times a day i would read them. Why? cause i wanted to show the admins and RGN members that i did learn from the report and that it wasn't necessary to ban me. Then if I still managed to fuck up a rule along the way i would own up to. RDM'd someone on accident i would immediately comp them saying sorry and wouldn't make a habit of RDM'ing people. 1st times an accident 2nd times a coincidence 3rd time was on purpose. Personally i believe the best way to not get reported or ban is to not be a dick to people.
  6. Texting as initiation?

    "how did you get this number" or "New phone who this"
  7. Application Template

    Addition: You have one Month to get interview before your application becomes invalid
  8. Rule/Admin Committee

    Why are you a good fit for this role?: I am a business major and have taken a couple argumentative classes that explain that arguments aren't meant to be i am right and you are wrong but more of coming to a understanding by seeing where someone is coming from and and discussing together on how to make it work for everyone. In the past I had posted on discussion forums many a times but stopped because they never seemed to go anywhere. I used to read the rules almost everyday so that i could get a better understanding of them and try to see what a certain rule meant to say or explain. I especially did this when it had a "grey zone" in it. What rule is the most annoying, wrong or controversial rule to you?: Rule Discussion/Feature Request Sell me on why this rule is good: Allows for people to see what might get added or removed based on the discussion that happens within the post. That way we can see how everyone feels about certain aspects of the server or if they want to see something added or adjusted. Sell me on why this rule is bad: In reality it does a lot less the it probably should. I can list many a posts that happened within both with very positive and encouraging posts on it to make seem like everyone or what appears to be everyone wanting this. But unfortunately, they end up being discarded or hidden under newer post and never see the light of day. How are people suppose to know that what they want is being worked on. Currently on the Feature Request section there is either "Added Features" or "Invalid/Duplicate Features". There is no "Approved/WIP Features'" section. For Rule Discussion all "Old or Invalid Discussions" and "Completed Discussions" are hidden (or literally nothing in them). Does the Completed mean that the rules was changed or added? How am i suppose to find out what discussions have already been made so i can see how i could possibly make a better post about so it doesn't become invalid? If you could change/remove any one rule, aspect or feature of the game, what would it be and why?: Remove the ability for cops to get money for killing people or severely reduce the amount of money. So that way cops are encouraged to attempt to take people alive using their taser rifle and words to get people people and money because cops currently get the most money from killing people.
  9. perma banned Jack Reddington

    Player Banned: Jack Reddington Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Enjoy (trolling) asset Ban Length: Perma UUID: k/EXpOfXS47C5IwWQMPJ4+IdZ+o= *made for Djderptronic*
  10. perma banned Matthew Reddington

    Player Banned: Matthew Reddington Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Troll/Fishing/Being a overall scumbag Ban Length: Perm UUID: I7MHGdM4UCe+nhSr9EDVZF4ngog=
  11. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!

    @Dark or is there?????
  12. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!

    Nekopara Volume 0-3
  13. LG G5 Battery Drains Fast

    Stop downloading porn in the background? besides that i dont know LG phones that well but i think they usually have shitty batteries from what I recall when my friends had them
  14. Help

    Did they say what kind of vetting is needed? if they are asking for a MAC# or CID for a gaming website I wouldn't trust it
  15. Static targets for pilots on training map

    Its been 6 days you slacking get to work.