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  1. perma banned Jack Reddington

    Player Banned: Jack Reddington Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Enjoy (trolling) asset Ban Length: Perma UUID: k/EXpOfXS47C5IwWQMPJ4+IdZ+o= *made for Djderptronic*
  2. perma banned Matthew Reddington

    Player Banned: Matthew Reddington Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Troll/Fishing/Being a overall scumbag Ban Length: Perm UUID: I7MHGdM4UCe+nhSr9EDVZF4ngog=
  3. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!

    @Dark or is there?????
  4. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!

    Nekopara Volume 0-3
  5. LG G5 Battery Drains Fast

    Stop downloading porn in the background? besides that i dont know LG phones that well but i think they usually have shitty batteries from what I recall when my friends had them
  6. Help

    Did they say what kind of vetting is needed? if they are asking for a MAC# or CID for a gaming website I wouldn't trust it
  7. perma banned Susah Abdulee - Perm

    Player Banned: Susah AbduleeServer: teamspeakBan Reason: Music Spam/ Music rapeBan Length: PermaUUID: v7bvZXthFhgNrHFncGEQNoxM3DI=
  8. perma banned Meškutė'Love

    Player Banned: Meškutė'Love Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Trolling/Channel Hopping Ban Length: Perma UUID: UW0dBq/K75gyuUpsF8ddLjS9exg=
  9. perma banned John_Deamon

    Player Banned: John_Deamon Server: teamspeak Ban Reason: Troll/Channel Hopping Ban Length: Perma UUID: s4Jv+bQGRsbhuD9Smawb/C6bx5I=
  10. Happy birthday Thorvald!

    Thanks everyone and thanks boo @rai
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. For those that missed the meeting If you have any questions feel free to message me through forums or discord recording done by @SomeoneYouLike
  13. perma banned Jacky chan

    Updated it to Perm
  14. 110th Reckless Company Meeting


    Rough Summary of how the meeting is gonna play out Brief Intro Overall Statement about Reckless Company Rundown of how its gonna be ran and operated and what to look forward to Questions that people may have Answers Conclusion
  15. 110th Reckless Company Meeting

    Everyone who is interested please show up so you can ask any questions you may have about it. RECKLESS 110TH MEETING THE 7TH OF MAY 2017. 4PM PST. LEARN ABOUT WHAT WE ARE DOING ASK YOUR QUESTIONS GET PUMPED