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  1. Jake For RPD Leadership

    You are banned, How the hell do you even have access to this?

    Its always been like this, It's to prevent EMS from putting on other cloths. It is the same way for cop.
  3. Happy birthday mjm822!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. completed Vehicle bomb by [MOB] Ashton

    As EMS Captain I'm am curious as to why you were communicating with people other than EMS in TS
  5. Console

    disgusting console peasents
  6. Not white-listed to be a medic?

    Let me check.
  7. Steve Combat log

    I feel as if you are just making this report to get back at anyone because you were banned. I have been on this server for almost 2 years and have never gotten a note kick or ban. If any admin wants to talk to me about what happen I will be in the teamspeak all night.
  8. Steve Combat log

    I would like to talk to an admin tonight about this.
  9. training Treetardo - RFD Application

    Your name: Steve Officers name: Tree PASS/FAIL: Pass Situation 1: While riding with Officer Tree I witnessed him properly conduct many traffic stops where he followed all protocols and showed great RP skills. Situation 2: During one traffic stop I began to take shots from somewhere near by and when I requested backup Tree arrived on scene very quickly with lights and sirens and helped handle the situation and take out the suspect. Overall conclusion: Tree shows great skills while out on patrol and makes patroling much more fun. He also shows great situational skills and knows how to handle himself. +
  10. Wag 1

  11. Ssgt T. Toxic - EMS RDM x2/Theft of EMS Vehicle

  12. Code display for cops

    I think it would be a good feature, Its not easy to look at your map ot check what code you are while flying down the MSR going 315 in a chase.
  13. Bring back this tablet.
  14. HELD HOSTAGE | Arma 3 RP