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  1. Strongest man alive. I will body you on the court and on the servers!
  2. Hiroshi


    Meme thief or a Youtuber. Eat that potato skin it's good for you.
  3. and I drop kicked his ass quick
  4. I lost all the diamonds and fell in lava...
  5. Good to see that you are now in your teens! You grew up so fast! Can't wait to see you on the roads in about 3 years...
  6. biggest troll I have ever seen ever, haha get memed on nerds
  7. I got some of it on video. I'll upload it later if you want.
  8. You're the worst best player I've seen... P.S. Make more food review videos I miss them...
  9. He probably stole the money. @Bluey
  10. sweet dreams sweetie... wanna play Yugioh sometime then hmu.
  11. Hiroshi


    Let's not start a flame war here...

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