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  1. Stop stalking me mama!

  2. Yea I would love to play as well I consider myself pretty good been looking for other people to play with.
  3. Smash

    Stop viewing my profile you creep 

  4. Smash

    Where have you been?

    1. Zero


      Been busy with work my man. Life is going quick right now, trying to keep up with it. Should settle down in a week or so. Lookout for me this weekend, might be on. 

    2. Smash


      kk bb :blowkissheart:

  5. Last Encounter- RPD- This is the RPD anyone at heroine cartel please surrender now or be lethally engaged if failing to comply. pC- Kills all of them.
  6. Smash

    Happy Birthday!!!!! xoxo

  7. I miss you<3

  8. Your music voice overs are 10/10!

    1. Jack Reddington

      Jack Reddington

      Sounds like he is 21 sav 

  9. This guy is a legend! Come back!!!!

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