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  1. Bum ass nikka where your ginger lookin ass been at?
  2. Well Badger, no more ALRP Bum ass was a fucking Senior EMT xdddddddd "Senior Dick Sucker"
  3. I miss you. Come back bby. 

    1. Jack Reddington

      Jack Reddington

      Mhm, I might come back recently been getting back into ALRP. Became SWAT on there cuz they actually allow good people in the police force unlike other communitys.

      I know people are grammar nazi's so "Communities" 

  4. Dis guy fucking literally dying laughing rn
  5. Going in raw>Using Condoms You guys sound like those type of people. @Thraxe @TheMindDoctor @Bob Hoss
  6. Oh come on you can't be serious...all you need in life is chicken and rice.
  7. Give me the money already. @Turtles I just had to
  8. Kamil Toe :Kappa: 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sammy The Seal
    3. Kam


      Y'all some creeps, straight up

      That seal on the news today tho? @Sammy The Seal

    4. Sammy The Seal

      Sammy The Seal

      Lol saw that ???

  9. That's what happens when you have godmode and a lag switch on
  10. Mhm ok we will see IS this even a challenge? Last 1 was when I was actually good at arma ;(

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