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  1. Remember me? You guys were fun!
  2. Oh right! I LOVE Sea of Thieves! Haven't really played it at all since a couple weeks after release though! Didn't really have anyone to play with, it's a game you need friends for. I've never been able to get into Fallout.. I've tried. I bought the last Battlefield, played it for like a week then got bored as all hell. I used to love these genres of games more than anything but nowdays they just bore me honestly! It'd be fun to have people to hop on with and shoot some shit up from time to time though! I've literally never watched a single Star Wars movie. I'm a Harry Potter guy OKAY?! A LOT of people give me shit for this..... So if anyone else here wants to harp on me for it, feel free mothafuckers because I have skin of STEEL!
  3. What is SoT?! Don't play Fallout.. Is Battlefield 5 really worth getting? Battlefront 2? Never heard of that one!
  4. Some of you may know me.... If you don't, Hi! I'm BeenJamminMon! I play video games. I haven't played video games with any of you in a long time, kinda miss it. It's most likely my fault because I don't really pay attention to the Discord much. Despite that being a fact, I blame all of you. Would it hurt to maybe send your buddy BeenJamminMon a DM here and there asking if maybe possibly just maybe he may wanna play some video games?!! What, wasn't I cool enough for you guys?! Don't think about me anymore!!?! Why can't I just be loved?!?! EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART!!!!!! In all seriousness though, love you guys. Let's play video games again sometime. I had some of the best times here playing with all of you at RGN. It's a shame we've drifted apart. P.S. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the greatest game ever made, ever. edit: Thanks @Dark for DM'ing earlier and asking if I'm still alive!
  5. BeenJamminMon

    Golf With Your Friends


    I hate this damn game but I'll try and make it!!!!
  6. Hope all is well my friend Stay safe!!! As Hoff said, bring a fuckin gun!
  7. Welcome! Sounds like me when I was 14!
  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOO I have a legendary founders account! I'll play! We should all set some clan up!

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