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  1. introduction

    I am confused as to what kind of introduction this is. It sounds like to me you are saying the admins don't know what they're doing etc. I am not sure if you are familiar with the rules people break constantly like RDM VDM and Fail RP as well as combat logging. This is an RP server we are here to roleplay and have fun, not be a troll. I did not mean to spread any hate that's just what I got from this. See you around, hopefully you will return soon.
  2. Reckless Friday Feedback!

    More things to do and Talk about as well as I was expecting the old Reckless Friday look the templete for Twitch Streaming to show what Each person is for those tuning in that don't know who each person is. Plus it looks nicer overall. Maybe think of something you can do that will get your Twitch viewers involved.
  3. Mission Designer Wanted

    I would be interested in doing this but I would have to become famillar with everything as I have had no experience in this field yet. However I will make an effort to try and make something to see how I can do with it.
  4. TheMindDoctors Food Gallery

    @Elliott GragslerFOOOD
  5. TheMindDoctors Food Gallery

    I will take 1 of everything to go please. Awesome work!
  6. Wag 1

    @Elliott GragslerThis introduction is special Just like every introduction we must give them the proper welcome
  7. Wag 1

    Welcome, obviously @Elliott GragslerDid not give you a proper welcome He was missing
  8. LOA

    Hey guys, I am gonna be taking an LOA to go on Vacation starting Saturday to September, I will still be around the website as I am stuck with satellite internet up there because it's the mountains very isolated area. Anyways, See you guys in [email protected] @Draxt
  9. Longer Up-Times

    @MasterServer needs a restart when it does in my opinion because RDM's things blown up dead body's etc. It just needs it and the restart was every 6 hours I thought 1 and 7 AM and PM 4 restarts a day. It's a lot of time and I don't think people stay on the Altis Server all that long. Restarts are a easy way out of when to end their day on Altis.
  10. $20.00, 5 mil Altis Life Prize Black Squad Tournament

    Would play but I am on an vacation.
  11. Thanks for the Donation @DemonYour Support is greatly Appreciated
  12. HELD HOSTAGE | Arma 3 RP

    Nice editing @Ryanonly one flaw, Where the FUCK is Cadet McJerkoff. Loved it but if you make any in the future I better see him 9/10. Great Video Ryan Awesome idea and very funny to watch.
  13. Need a Monitor

    you really don't need a curved monitor it's just money out the window for nothing. Just get a 144 Hz Monitor if you got the hardware requirements to reach 144 on games or just get a 27 inch 60 Hz gaming monitor.
  14. Will The Monitors Mount?

    Side by Side monitors for the win!
  15. Will The Monitors Mount?

    I hope you don't plan on buying the second one because I would get 2 monitors of the same kind it just looks better.