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  1. Don't let your age hold you back! don't let your dreams, be dreams.
  2. The meal doesn't end when I'm full... The meal ends when I hate myself
  3. I never really understood the slogan, wouldn't returning with your shield also fall under the category of returning on it?
  4. Apples

    Hey Everyone

    *Opens Photoshop* BRB
  5. Updated Entry as per request.
  6. Can obviously add/remove stuff easily, but this is the general design. Danobot, your Wallpaper looks remarkably similar to the God of War Ascension Wallpaper
  7. Its a logo not a banner
  8. I feel like this logo only works with darker colors, what did you have in mind?
  9. What do you guys think I meant RGN not RPD

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