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  1. Chernarus is a good map. find the one that isn't broken "lot's of people have re-worked the original map so try and find that" also watch out for zombies, it'll lag the server if high pop, so if there is high pop try and tone down the zombies they can take a lot "from experience and looking it up".
  2. Burka

    Burka's RIG

    My First ever real PC build, before I had pre-built Bestbuy Desktop's with a Graphics card in them. Overall a success, only trouble was getting windows installed . Intel i7-7700k @ 4.2 Corsair 570x Clear Case ASUS GTX 1080 ti Z270e gaming motherboard Corsair H100 v2 *Cooling CPU* G.Skill TridentZ RGB Samsung 960 EVO *M.2* 250gb Segate 1tb HDD
  3. What do you use to record PS4 Gameplay @Eagles

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