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  2. What Server were you banned from?: Altis Life Who banned you?: [RGN] MacKenzie Todd Why were you banned?: RDM When were you banned?: 5/22/16 What is your in game name?: Trevor User ID: 76561198271927022 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned.: i should be unbanned becasue i was in the wrong chat channel and i comped the guy that reported me
  3. completed BicolourSlinky0's Ban Appeal

    but hasint it been 3 days?
  4. completed BicolourSlinky0's Ban Appeal

    ok thnx
  5. completed BicolourSlinky0's Ban Appeal

    i dont have a video
  6. completed BicolourSlinky0's Ban Appeal

    What Server were you banned from? RGN altis life Who banned you? MOneyB Why were you banned? Rdm When were you banned? 1/25/16 What is your in-game name? BicolourSlinky0 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned below. i should be unbanned because in the video i clearly say hands up and he anishiates this is not my video this is BasicG's video