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  1. Ryan

    Hello again!

    Most of em quit and I work most of my day. But if you play PUBG at all, thats my jam right now
  2. AGONY QUESTIONS: If you could re-do one thing from this year what would it be? Invest In CryptoCurrency sooner What was your favorite new thing you tried this year? It was the first year I got to try and expand my company and acually hire an entire team that works in an office with me every day. That was a pretty fun experience. What place in the world do you hope to see next year? Torn between Japan, Italy, and Iceland Will @InfernalRage get reckless Friday drunk this new years? If he did... poor Infernal xD MAV2003 QUESTIONS: Will you take me in as your child? Hell no. Do I Like Minecraft? Surprisingly, yes I like Minecraft. Want Kids or Nah? Not for a while, but eventually yeah I do. Am I your fav 14 year old in RGN Youre 14? JOHN FALCON QUESTIONS: How close of friends are we: Close enough where I have you added on steam xD (I dont add people on steam unless I am chill with them, so you good) Who annoys me the most when doing Proper Life? Burt xD Cause he always manages to break things... Gotta love him tho! If I were stuck in a tree would you care enough to help me? Probably. Depends if you deserved to get stuck in the tree or not. Would you like to sit and chat about life sometime? Meh. Im not big on talking about my personal life. What is the YouTuber you have a crush on? No one? Who Are You? I dont even know what you are looking for on this one If you have a kid, would you name it after me Lol nope ===================================================== Quick pause: John why did you ask so many fucking questions xD ===================================================== What did you do this Christmas ? Went back to Boston to visit family. If you could come to me, would you? Probably not? I rarely combine my online life with my real life unless I am really comfortable with the person / people I am meeting If you could have only 1 thing in this world, what would it be? Happiness. Sounds cheesey, but I would rather be happy than anything else in the world. Was RGN your first gaming community? No, I have been apart of several over the years. It is however, the longest I have been apart of one. All the others shut down xD What was your favorite moment on Altis Life? Probably being Captain of the RPD for a while. It was a ton of fun and I loved the experience. It was short lived because life came and kicked me in the balls, but for the few months I was Captain, I had a ton of fun. did you enjoy GTA V RP before it was whitelisted? I didnt really play it. (I mean I did like twice... but that was it) Couldnt find time to actively dedicate time to it. PREACHER QUESTIONS: What got you into YouTube? I actually got into it because when I got my first laptop, the webcam app built into it, would auto upload to YouTube for me. So I started doing that on a really old channel. I liked seeing my videos online, so I just kept doing it. The more I did it, the more I wanted to improve and entertain. It was just the domino effect from there. Gaming came into the picture because I got addicted to a Minecraft server and wanted to help promote it. Then I just kinda stuck with it. Did you expect the success you,ve had with YouTube? I dont know if anyone actually expects it... it just sorta happens? I was shocked when I got my first 100 subscribers. Its crazy to think back and remember the feeling of each milestone passing by, and comparing that to now. So to answer simply, no... no I did not. Ever been recognized IRL? A few times yeah. I dont use webcam so it doesnt happen often. (Gaming conventions are different, but usually im advertised as being there, so I wont count those) Is it weird having a demographic with such a huge age difference? Not really? Like sometimes I hate the fact that I cannot do anything crazy story driven with a lot of depth because they are too young to understand it, but thats the only thing that has ever bugged me regarding age. I see it as being no different than like adults who act in kids shows. What is your favorite sport to watch? Football What is your favorite sport to play? Hockey Do you drink or smoke? I drink at parties and social events. At home I have the occational beer, nothing crazy. Once and a blue moon Ill have a cigar? If weed was federally legal and you smoke whereever you could drink - would you drink still? I would drink somewhere, where I wouldnt have to worry about being drunk and somewhat high. Ive heard that its bad to be both, dont plan on trying it either xD Favorite childhood game? Cel Damage KEEPKOOPBUSH QUESTIONS How did you get the money to travel back and forth? Working hard. The Grind Never Stops. Would it be a hassle to have a pet or do you already have some? I want to get a dog, but with the amount I travel for work, that isnt gonna happen right now. Do you work out? Yep. I used to workout daily, but cut back to 4 times a week for right now. EAGLES QUESTIONS: What am I most looking forward to in 2018? My girl finally gets to move out to Texas with me What game or games are you looking forward to this year? Red Dead Redemption 2 (assuming it comes out this year) Do I watch any sports? If so what are my teams? Hockey, Football, and Baseball. Bruins, Patriots, and Red Sox What do I enjoy most about RGN? I can always find someone to game with. Gaming sucks alone, being apart of a community allows you to find people who enjoy what you enjoy. What's one thing you wish you could have changed last year? Nothing ^-^ Everything happens for a reason and any failures I had, I will learn and grow from. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? Probably southern italy. I dont know exactly where, but they have so many cliffside water view homes there, and that would be dope. What is your favorite game to play when you arent recording for YouTube? Lately it has been PUBG, Overwatch, and WoW LSTOLTE Questions: What is your name? Ill give you one guess... What is your favorite color? Navy Blue What is the capital of Assyria? I have no idea, and am way too lazy to look it up Do you recognize this scene? Kinda sounds like Monty Python? But I dont remember the last question xD Basing that just off the first 2. How do I even live? I dont. GEWCHIE QUESTIONS? Do you miss AGP? AGP?
  3. Do you have any Christmas traditions that you do every year?
  4. Not a bad idea Good I would expect nothing less Thanks man! Appreciate it Thanks fam ^^
  5. Hey everyone, So, I am officially a published Author! This has been a project in the works for about a year and its finally done. I came up with the ideas and my ghost writer actually wrote it out. https://www.amazon.com/Just-Time-Minecraft-Life-Adventure/dp/1976579708/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510780945&sr=8-1&keywords=ryguyrocky Thought I would share for those who are interested
  6. I own the game, but have never actually played it. I would be willing to give it a go
  7. So I actually have a week of light work! I can play video games again! FINALLY \o-o/

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    2. Dark


      So this means you will be playing world of warcraft with us then?


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    4. John Falcon
  8. Oh god lmao, I can only imagine how cringey Pub Cop Ryan was @Steve
  9. LMAO, I didnt realize anyone had pictures of me back in the pubby days ;D
  10. I should probably let you all know. Im not dead. Just insanely busy traveling :P

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      Al Hoff

      Wait.. who are you?

    3. John Falcon

      John Falcon

      I've been watching too much daycare to notice you've been gone.

    4. Ryan


      Im not sure @Al Hoff... Im not sure

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