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    I love all types of games. From Minecraft to Arma; I like it all! (Except MOBAs... never been able to get into those...) I also enjoy writing stories in my spare time.

    I work full time in the gaming media industry, and use my enjoyment in writing and create stories using games.

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  1. So I actually have a week of light work! I can play video games again! FINALLY \o-o/

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    2. Dark


      So this means you will be playing world of warcraft with us then?


    3. InfernalRage
    4. John Falcon

    Oh god lmao, I can only imagine how cringey Pub Cop Ryan was @Steve

    LMAO, I didnt realize anyone had pictures of me back in the pubby days ;D
  4. I should probably let you all know. Im not dead. Just insanely busy traveling :P

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    2. Al Hoff

      Al Hoff

      Wait.. who are you?

    3. John Falcon

      John Falcon

      I've been watching too much daycare to notice you've been gone.

    4. Ryan


      Im not sure @Al Hoff... Im not sure

  5. Hope to be back :(

    Stay safe man!
  6. get merry in 3 days RUUUNNNN hehe

    Congrats man!
  7. TheMindDoctors Food Gallery

    Im hungry now...
  8. Here is my team's first episode of Arma 3 RP. Still has a lot of area for improvement, but regardless I hope you enjoy!
  9. completed rdm

    Seeing as there was no response; I will be moving forward with the report. Superifikator will be receiving a note on his profile for RDM as knocking a player out and shooting them is against server rules. @SuperifikatorPlease read up on all of RGN's AL rules to avoid instances like this one. Report Closed.
  10. completed rdm

    Hello, I will be handling this report. Before i continue with a judgement, @Superifikatorwould you like to please chime in on why you did what you did in this video? Super will have 24 hours to respond.
  11. Just got a new car; a 2017 BMW M240i Coupe ^-^

    1. mav2003


      damn nice man

    2. Jim Jim

      Jim Jim

      All those videos pay off. Damn!

    3. John Falcon

      John Falcon

      Working those Hours at Daycare must have really done it in for ya.

  12. completed Mr.niceguy RDM/RDA in spawn town

    Okay, Based on what I can see in the video, there is still beyond enough evidence of tazing without any reason and overall bad play as a public officer. He will be receiving a note on his profile for RDM regarding the random Tazing of players & as RPD Leadership he will also be receiving a 30 day blacklist from the RPD. Case Closed.
  13. completed Mr.niceguy RDM/RDA in spawn town

    I will be handling this report. @james heartkeyDo you have any footage prior to the initial encounter showed in the video with Mr.NiceGuy? (Preferably 5 minutes prior?)