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  1. Thanks for the giveaway bud! Hope to pop in teamspeak soon when I get my phone back on my mom's right now
  2. all i play is clash of clans #almost maxed th8 2600 trophies
  3. Do I feel a background/logo contest going on here
  4. SmartDev


    this guy though sup Ethan!
  5. Hello and welcome!!!
  6. Gone to Texas be back the First or Second! Cya guys then and game on!

  7. awww congrats shuler happy for you hopefully many more to come!!!!
  8. Wow 10/10 just wow would watch again and for sure will!
  9. I'm super happy right now!! scored a 68 on ASVAB my job only requires a 65(Air Force for the people who dont know what im talking about)

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    2. SmartDev


      Well not awesome that you didn't get in but the score

    3. Al Hoff

      Al Hoff

      i keep reading this as "im super horny right now". Every damn time lol

    4. MrOutlawTV


      lmfao I read it the same! ^

  10. Cheezle my Missourian!!
  11. Decided to do this now be I will forget it later. I'm the SmartDev the name because my last name is Smart and dev just because lol. I mostly play Altis life but also play GTA V, Rocket league and some others too. If you need anything or want to know anything else just ask!

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