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  1. That's what admins are for
  2. You can't play an altis life server with 10 people.
  3. happy birthday mangs
  4. I've been enjoying ARK a lot with a few people and haven't been playing arma much
  5. Congrats!
  6. Thanks for supporting RGN
  7. I can see it being used for targeting but the reason I had in mind is to let everyone know that SWAT gear can be used against them if they see 3 or more online, regardless if you see it as a targeting factor then you don't have to change it, it was just a quick suggestion. @RisingRonin
  8. This is just a small suggestion but maybe you could make it a requirement for officers to put SWAT in front of their name or maybe S.W.A.T or however you do it similar to how highway has Trooper ____. Reason being it'd make it a whole lot easier for everyone to know who's SWAT and how many are on at a time. Let me know your thoughts @RisingRonin @Stickytubesock
  9. Buffalo chicken pizza BOI @redpikachu12
  10. im a trashbag you are a great videogamer
  11. You are in fact the best videogamer I have ever seen for killing a restrained person and the person lockpicking him. And then Tarzan just sucks let's be real @Steve
  12. Im not sure but you should be able to post here
  13. So cops have unlimited respawns, higher armor values, op ass 7.62's, and marksman scopes? While rebels have 6.5's, less armor, basic scopes, and cant come back to any situation. Seems fair enough.
  14. So rebels aren't going to get anything to combat this?
  15. Welcome lad

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