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  1. Server Name : [WIPED 7/13] US Ragnarok PVP ORP [5xG/5xT/10xXP] Server IP: https://ark-servers.net/server/100339/ Server Stats: 60 slots Max Wild Dino LVL: 150 Baby Maturation : 8x Egg Incubation: 4x Autosaves every 15 min Can rollback up to 3 hours Mods: Structures Plus Death Helper Rules: No cheating in any way or form, insant ban. No racism/homophobia in any way, shape or form. Don't target the same tribe for a raid in less than 48 hours, it just kills pop. Don't raid/grief new players that are way below you, it just kills the server pop. Don't kill dinos you don't need to kill and don't destroy structures that you don't need to. No excessive caging of players no more than 30 minutes UNLESS you are raiding a tribe and have captured one of their members. No foundation or pillar spamming. No changing tribe names in an attempt to raid someone and have them not know who did it. Any tribe that is being raided is not allowed to drop their loot in an attempt to have the raiders gain nothing, they are only allowed to try and transport the loot somewhere else or leave it where it is.
  2. Not planning on adding the classic flyer mod as the griffin makes up for the speed as if you tame one of those (which is much more difficult than the other flyers) then you're able to go really fast throughout the map. However, if griffins become very overpowered seeing as they can do a lot of damage as well as have a lot of hp, then I might consider adding classic flyers back so players on pteranadons/wyverns have a chance to outrun them.
  3. Currently breeding is one of the best ways to create an insanely powerful dino, so I want it to be challenging. I'm considering doing 8x Maturation and Egg Hatch doesn't matter too much but that way it takes about 11-12 hours for a Rex to grow so you can do it in one day without losing any sleep or anything ridiculous like that, but still makes it a challenging task. I'm currently working out the time intervals to make sure most dinos CAN get 100% imprint. The server should be up by tommorow providing we can make sure everything is working alright. By then I should have a list of all major rates and mods to the server.
  4. should be coming tonight or tommorow night once the rates are settled, i have to do some testing with breeding
  5. The server will be on ragnarok as it is currently a very popular map since its brand new and it should be a fun new experience for everyone.
  6. Also, I'm not sure when was the last time you played but somewhat recently c4 was changed to where it does more damage and is much cheaper. http://ark.gamepedia.com/C4_Charge (You can see damage values). They are very cheap and it takes 3 c4 for metal walls and ceilings and only 15 for a vault. Vaults are also more expensive now costing 500 metal and a good amount of polymer plus some other easy shit. Due to that I kind of want ORP to be on because it sucks to log on and have all your shit gone without any control over it. @Erik Fishmen
  7. I'm always open to changing up any mods or anything and maybe I'll make a poll concerning ORP or ORP 2 (Buffed Structures/Tames) or no ORP at all. As for the exp and taming rates, I think that the taming rates are fine as it takes less than 30 minutes to tame a lvl 150 rex on raw mutton which is extremely easy to get on ragnarok. Herbivores obviously take a bit longer but once you get kibble they are a breeze and usually you can throw a bunch of mejoberries on them and leave them for a bit. However if a lot of people are interested in buffing xp rates im ok with that. Although in my opinion 5x Exp goes really quick until you get into the 90's. EDIT: Another reason I don't want to upgrade taming too much is the fact that if it were people would tame and then breed an army of rexes in a couple days, then going to fight the bosses to obtain tek tier items which would put them way ahead of everyone else, basically establishing themselves as the alpha tribe.
  8. These are pretty fast rates, you can easily get a metal base up in one day. I am open to editing stats if anyone can input what they think should be changed and why.
  9. ORP will be on unless everyone opposes it
  10. I mean the rates would likely be around 5xG/XP/T and the breeding im not sure of yet. It would be a pvp server, straight up raiding and killing. It's up to the players how much they want to do so. The only "rules" about pvp is not to grief new players for no reason as it kills server pop.
  11. Theres only one DLC map you have to pay for and it won't be featured on the server.
  12. Recently I've been really enjoying ARK and I've been thinking about hosting a server for RGN. The server would be PvP and most likely on only one map, unless everyone really wants a cluster. If there is a lot of interest in playing on the server I'll make another post for discussing any rules/mods for the server. Until then, feel free to put any suggestions or other comments below.
  13. total wimp dude please refrain from hurting my feelings online
  14. no hate bro only positivity ESKEEEETTTTITT

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