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  1. So I just wanted to know what are your other hobbies outside of gaming? Yes I know gaming is life but sometimes you need a break, and that what I wanna know. Where do you go when you need a break? I personally go and play Airsoft with friends, watch movies and play board games.
  2. Love this game, Had it on the PS3 and now I have it again on PC
  3. Thanks Everyone didnt mean to reply individually so sorry for blasting your inbox with thanks yous lol
  4. This is my life story. I was an asian who was shown video games. I play league of legends and am very mediocre. As a matter of fact Im the most mediocre asian gamer. Also I play COD. While streaming. If you are lucky Ill show you my Awesome dance moves. Thank you looking and Please dont ban me. Catch me at www.twitch.tv/masterking22
  5. So I found this Evga power supply on sale at amazon for 100 bucks. Awesome deal for the quality!

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