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  1. ewww how did i get to you're profile!?

    1. noms


      Because you are awesome.

  2. yeah man im definetly planning on getting this game very soon i look forward to it.
  3. Ok guys i have been a little lazy lately to put this up but i think its about time. so most of you know me as Carson McClure or maybe just Carson from GSN i joined GSN right at the beginning of may 2015. i play altis life alot of just first person RPG shooters and some xbox one here and there but its awesome to say that RGN is my new favorite community and i look forward to having more great times with ya guys!
  4. Heres another http://imgur.com/gHVS4oF PS: made by General187
  5. This topic is for all the Coreman and Dafacks Dank Memes! http://i.imgur.com/hzAwm9U.jpg

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