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  1. TS Ban Dispute

  2. Unofficial RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    Not trying to crash the party, but we (RGN) have tried three other times to make it work, people get bored and stop playing, the real question is, people who want it NOW, will you want it later, follow rules and be RESTRICTED?
  3. Jake For RPD Leadership

    If the server is dead, let it be dead. No one needs your unhelpful and non productive comments here. Another one and it will be removed and warnings might/will be given. Thanks
  4. CDT D. Brandon

    If you feel you can't post helpful and productive comments, then you don't have too comment. You either keep it to the report it and handle it MATURELY, but anymore off-topic, immature, and insulting comments will be removed. Thanks
  5. Altis Life Admins

    Hello Altis players, I come here to cover a topic that has been discussed a lot the past week or so, which is regarding Altis Life Admins and their activity. Now some of you players play on times that there are no admins on, 4 am on a work day is impossible for admins to be online, rare cases do admins stay up that late to deal with altis problems. But we have founders who moderate the server 24/7 and work on the issue once one is detected. And this does not happen right away, being a ex-admin for RGN, i can tell you its not a simple ban and its done, there is a lot of looking into who the player was, when it happened and confirming it was that person. And this can take up to 30 minutes. The best thing you can do is notify our admin team in our discord and our team will take care of it. Thanks!
  6. Katiba for cops?

    My thoughts are kinda torn on this, shouldn't this gun be on cop anyways?

    you can dream
  8. Ez 15 Second 2v1 Clutch

    4v1 is where its at nice job eagles!
  9. I'm still here :)

  10. Introduction

    We got some lovers here, me interested in learning more! Welcome to RGN @Tim, hopefully you and your GF @MajorKitty stick around, play games, meet our founders, staff and members. And maybe one day, join our family!!! I'm watching you @Tim, you better be having fun!
  11. TS Ban Dispute

    @RisingRonin @Ronduth @Gewchie @Goats @Al Hoff tagging since @Bob has not seen this, plus over 1 month ABC please be patience
  12. Altis Life Game Managers

    Rigged.......jk Congrats!
  13. Donation - Desert Hawk - 10.0!

    Much love for your donation! Thanks!
  14. Donation - spacerX - 5.0!

    Thanks for the coffee money!