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  1. Take it out to some legal outdoor shooting range and use it as a target ...
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
  3. "Hot hot hot hot hot !!!!"
  4. After looking into this pretty considerably myself, my only word of advice is to ensure that your mining rig is actually efficient. The power consumption of many rigs I’ve considered using costs more than the potential revenue from mining. To have a truly efficient mining system, you’d want optimized machines in a naturally cool environment, with solar power. Obviously not feasible though.
  5. Not a fan at all. Lightspeed into a huge fleet to destroy it all? Why didn't they do this before? Why is this possible? Leia is God? Why didn't the First Order just send smaller ships to intercept the resistance fleet for the ridiculous amount of time it was chasing it? Why could the first order completely not affect the flagship at all, but effortlessly eliminate the escape ships that were SMALLER and FARTHER AWAY? (Yes, yes, I know - shields and all that. But still.) What in the world happened to Luke? He was hellbent on "turning" Darth Vader in VI - but yet turned to murder a student whom he briefly sensed the dark side within? What was the point of that silly trip Finn and Rose took? Really. Those little animal things with Chewie? Why even bother with Snoke if he's to be killed off so uneventfully? It's next to Phantom Menace with me, possibly even slightly worse.
  6. I personally like new thread announcements in general chat; I think that to have separate channels for things like that would cause them to be more prone to being muted/ignored.
  7. Hi there, and welcome!
  8. Hello Reckless Gamers, Kelfo here, your favorite resident Goat, proudly announcing a new feature to the Reckless Network and the Reckless Forums: Discord ID Synchronization! Here are some important points to know about this new feature: The Discord ID is not your username. This is a lengthy number, for example, 73537559229112323. This number identifies you in Discord, even if you change your username, either on our server, or globally. The Discord ID, as stored on our forums, is not public. You are able to edit it and view it, but nobody else can. The forums will act as the primary synchronization method for your discord roles. As such, it is important to ensure your Discord ID on the forums is correct. How to Acquire Discord ID and Set it in Profile Visit the Reckless Network Discord, and go to the rgn-bot-life channel. In this channel, type "?whois" (without the quotes) Copy the "ID" from the ID section of what is said by the bot. Visit our forums, and go to your profile. (Click your avatar in the top right of the forums) In the top right of your profile page, find the "Edit Profile" button. Click this. Scroll down to the "Discord" section, and paste your ID in the "User ID" section. Make sure there are absolutely no spaces or any other characters in this section. It must match the ID printed by the bot EXACTLY. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions by responding to this thread or PM'ing me. Beginning on Sunday, Nov 12, the forum-discord synchronization will become the primary method of Discord role setting. As such, your User ID must be present in your forum profile before then, or your Discord role will be temporarily removed until it is. -Kelfo
  9. Kelfo

    for sale Mac mini

    Interested. Please provide more info.
  10. I am addicted to this game currently.
  11. Nothing @V. Putinsaid implies he's "hiding" that fact.
  12. I'm open to offers, I would start an eBay auction at $124.99, so I'll give it up here for $105 (+ shipping), and $110 if the controller is included. @John Falcon
  13. Hello RGN Community, I'm looking to sell my XBOX One 500gb (black) console. This device is used, in perfect working condition, with minor scratches/wear on the top and side. I will be taking it to eBay in the next few days, but want to offer it here first if anybody is interested. I will be listing it without the controller on eBay, but would be willing to include one wireless controller for a buyer here if desired. Photos will be taken and posted here this (10/10) evening. Please reach out with any questions or interest. -Kelfo

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