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  1. Add the old Tablet back!!

    Expressing displeasure with a previous (and poorly designed) model is not being corrupt, that's having a personal opinion. Further, his providing his opinion was, itself, not ignoring the community's voice. That said - while such a Y menu design may be preferred, implementing it at this point would require the module shown there to be effectively rewritten, and, worse, would greatly increase the size of the mission file. As such, this project may not necessarily be 'denied', rather, deferred as a lower priority.
  2. completed Report on [DD] for FAIL RP

    This incident was discussed extensively when it was initially reported, and so I apologize for forgetting to reply to the thread itself in update to the issue. Ultimately, this incident was the result of a number of problems which are hard to necessarily solve. Namely, setting out to rob individuals with the intention to roleplay a robbery, but ultimately be forced to kill the individuals, leaves the robbers in a difficult position. In this instance, by my understanding, [DD] engaged upon [RN] with the intention to rob them of any gold. [RN] did not comply (which is to be expected), and they were ultimately killed. However, as a result of killing all of [RN], [DD] is now unable to loot the gold which they initially set out to acquire. Allowing [RN] to be revived would essentially guarantee that [DD] would be unable to get the gold they set out to rob. There are a variety of arguments that support both sides - that of allowing Y items to be dropped immediately on death, and that preventing this protects individuals from rule breaks and other forms of abuse. As a result of the aforementioned, it can be concluded that what [DD] did was not ideal, and that camping a body and preventing a medic revive is not something we necessarily condone. However, given the complicated circumstances surrounding death and robbery, [DD] - nor anyone involved in this - will be punished for actions during it. However, such an instance has been brought to the Altis Leadership to hopefully come up with a solution to prevent such an issue in the future.
  3. Computer Wallpaper Request

    Make sure you view it in full screen by viewing the source of the image he posted.
  4. Monitor

    Oh, black borders are definitely not preferable, but I was able to get used to them, and since I don't use my monitors for any sort of panoramic display (I play games on the center monitor, and have web browsing on the other and teamspeak/discord on the other), it's totally tolerable.
  5. Monitor

    I previously had 3 of these bad boys: Not specific for gaming, but fairly priced, and I definitely like them. I recently replaced one of those three with a fancy new 4K monitor, but I still use 2 of those Asus' as second and third monitors.
  6. Donation - flimp3x - 3.0!

    Thank you!
  7. Ban report - [Ω] DaFack

    Banned on behalf of RGN Leadership in enforcement of a pre-existing ban from a previous server.
  8. Roadblocks

    Driving through something that results in the death of someone, especially an EMS, is VDM, and so no additional rule is necessarily needed in this case.
  9. Roadblocks

    Not stopping at a roadblock is a matter the RPD can deal with (evading a road block, evading arrest, whatever). I see no need for it to be classified as a server rule.
  10. Should Cops Have Hunter HMG's

    The semantics about the vehicle itself is irrelevant. How many shots it takes to disable it/shoot its window/disable the gun is less important than the reason it was added in the first place: to counter situations that require it. If the appropriate RPD Supervisors determine that it is necessary to use such a vehicle given the circumstances (large-scale fed robbery, city siege, etc). RPD Leadership policies will be put in place ASAP (see @Draxt) and, if necessary, the vehicle may be ultimately changed to that of something like a Strider HMG. Given all that, we will wait and see.
  11. perma banned FaceGhost

    FaceGhost has been banned from the RGN Forums for repeated attempts to evade a previous forum ban set in place by Ronduth.
  12. GhostFace - Ban Dispute

    GhostFace - While we apologize for any inconvenience the data leak may have caused you, your prior actions in the RGN Community are not so simply overlooked, and moving to a new IP Address does not warrant the creation of a new forum account, especially when you have created 3+ forum accounts previously in attempts to evade your community ban. We take our rules and our bans seriously, and the leadership has decided to not unban you given previous history.
  13. Free MP3 Download

    I'm an ex-Spotify user, but have recently switched over to Apple Music due to some serious issues with Spotify support/customer service.
  14. I like trains. How automated are the trains? I know modern electrical passenger trains are almost fully automated, but are diesel freight trains still almost entirely engineer-controlled? On long hauls across open country, when there isn't much to do, what do you do? I know sometimes pilots are allowed to take shifts reading a book on some airlines with overnight flights... is it similar for train engineers, or are you expected to standby and monitor the entire time? Do you really need to blow the horn about 5,000,000 times as you drive through a highly-populated crossing? On extremely long trains, that have, say, 1-4 locomotives at the front, and maybe even 1-2 at the back; how many engineers are there? Are all locomotives - front and back - controlled from the single front locomotive? When do you use the bell in addition to/instead of the horn?
  15. RDM by Draxt (CCC)

    @Stephen123 as per our report a player guidelines, we require a video providing at least 5 minutes of recording to be able to act on such a report. Furthermore, as previously mentioned by Draxt himself, the individual you claim to be Draxt is not @Draxt. A direct translation of Russian characters as seen there translate the name to "Alexander". We will await your video.