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  1. My concern with this is that it would seem to cross over two different areas: intense and immersive RP, and rule breaking. What sort of cases do you foresee coming about with this system?
  2. Thanks for clarifying. I don't necessarily disagree with those improvements (although I personally think keeping the drop down menu is helpful, since it allows you to jump right to the conversation you're thinking of. That said, the other listed changes would require CSS changes, but it's definitely something we can look into!
  3. Since any app developed for RGN would do more than just view the forums and push notifications, it would take quite a bit of work. Some ideas, for example, including viewing server status, viewing your Reckless Life stats, view a calendar with upcoming events, admin tools for admins, etc. Fortunately, Apple charges you as a developer, not per app, so since I am already a verified developer with them it would not cost anything extra. I hadn't even thought of this. This is a great idea.
  4. How would you prefer it done? Not without a mobile app, which has been considered before, but will require considerable amounts of work and has since been put on hold.
  5. Private message - click on his profile and send him a message. As he said, when there are multiple people of the same name banned in TeamSpeak, the most definitive identifier is the IP Address used at the time of ban.
  6. I am in favor of this, especially given, as others have said, the dead giveaway of the vehicle skin and other information.
  7. I've extended your expiration dates by 15 days
  8. Against this. Too many false positives. (Unfortunately frequent) BE kicks Ping timeout kicks Legit arma crash or otherwise
  9. Malden Life is Here! Through Monday, you can save 50% on a new purchase* of a Reckless Life Donation package or Grass Roots Supporter Donation! Simply add either of these donation packages to your cart, and apply coupon code 'RGNMalden50' (without the quotes). Also, we now offer a bundle donation package with our TeamSpeak Donator channel and Reckless Life Donation package. Add both to your cart, and you will save $5 on the Teamspeak donator channel! Even better, the 50% off coupon will apply to the Reckless Life Donation! We truly appreciate all donations and we thank you for being Reckless! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. *first month's purchase only
  10. The hope is also to help promote the second server to try and regularly populate both.
  11. under review

    Moved to bug reports.
  12. This report and action taken is under review. Please be patient while this process occurs.
  13. Okay now that is just excessive.
  14. This is a simple matter of achievement, patience, things taking time. When I first began my career as an Altis Life cop way back in this server's roots at GSN, I joined the server initially in June of that year with the sole intention to become a cop. 6 months later, I was an officer, and about 4-5 months after that, I was a part of the GPD Leadership. Things in the RPD go far faster than they did previously, and it's arguable, in fact, that recruitment as a process moves too quickly. Be patient, enjoy the game, and have fun.
  15. This topic's suggestions present a number of questions, but most importantly: How is "baiting" defined? As others have mentioned, but to expand... one could argue that speeding on a main road is "baiting" a cop into a pursuit, since, by making the choice to speed, you are trying to get into a chase with the cops. While this may sometimes be the case, a perfectly reasonable explanation could be that you don't care about the speed limit and wish to take your chances and drive faster. Without clarification and examples, such a rule would be nearly impossible to implement, but more importantly, I fail to see the necessity in its implementation to begin with.

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