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    RGN October Newsletter 2017

    John Falcon
    • Description: The Latest News for RGN.




    Gamers, PC enthusiasts, coders, and friends, this month’s RGN Newsletter is important! We will go over how reckless RGN has been this past October because that we know you’ve been dying to read about and it will get you caught up on what RGN has been doing this last month. We will go over things that happened from start to end as well as some new games that have entered the community so kick back relax and let’s get into our first topic.


    October Recruitment and Promotions!

    Every month RGN holds a meeting where some of you newcomers can get the chance to become a member of RGN, as well as existing members a chance to get promoted to a higher rank. Congratulations to this month’s recruits and current RGN members, you all deserved it! If you are looking to become a member of the community, you must post an introduction on the forums as well as submit an application which can be found here. Just remember to be active, be social, and get your name out there in the community.


    RGN 2 Year Anniversary Stream!

    Since Reckless was founded in October of 2015, two years have gone by, and it’s that time again to celebrate the anniversary of RGN. What better way to celebrate than with a reckless Friday stream where five RGN members ate the world's hottest chip and battled it out to see who would come out on top. In addition to the stream, we gave away four RGN shirts, an RGN flag, over one hundred and fifty dollars in steam cards and additional twenty dollar steam cards thanks to you viewers. We also gave out Call of Duty World War ll a copy of GTA V, and more; If you want to see who the winners of the giveaway are you can click here. Thanks to everyone who was in the stream and that attended the stream; Happy Anniversary RGN!


    GTA V RP Server is here!

    Since the shutdown of Altis Life, people have wondered what was going to be next for RGN. Without a doubt, this new Roleplay server in the game GTA V was created by RGN and is open for gamers to play on have some RP moments and on top of that a lot of fun. While development for the server is still not complete, GTA Leadership is working very hard to make sure it’s on its way towards success in the meantime; the server is up and ready to go for roleplaying!


    Destiny 2 comes to RGN!

    Destiny 2 is a very recent game that came out, and with the pc version now released, RGN has jumped right in, and it’s become a hit in the community amongst the majority of RGN Members. What are you waiting for? Go hop on with some members, even your friends, and have fun!


    Game of the Month

    This month, a poll was held to see what RGN thought should be this month’s Game of the Month. It’s no surprise that Destiny 2 came out on top as October's Game of the Month. While people have their own opinions about what they thought should be game of the month, I think we can agree that Destiny 2 was the community favorite.



    This about covers everything that’s happened this month, stay tuned for upcoming newsletters are they keep on coming every month. Thanks for reading and I hope you had a fantastic October!

    P.S Happy Birthday to the following Members @V. Putin@Dralan92 @Dark

    Stay Reckless!

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