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    Al Hoff
    • Description: A brief introduction to the new theme and some further details about it.

    Our current website theme leaves some room for desire and then some. It is sharp, but it is old. It has been through the seasons and holidays providing comfort to all of us. From Futurama Robo Santa, terminator holding a turkey, 007 Storm Trooper, to Miranda's ass it has given us a powerful image to rally behind. But Reckless needs to take a new direction. For the sake of functionality, and for the sake of streamlined progress to allow us to expand our wings without serious design flaws. Reckless Network will be turning a new leaf in the coming days. And with that leaf comes a new theme.


    Our new theme will not be a near image of the current Reckless theme. At least to most, it is better. It will serve its purpose for many years like its predecessor. It is clean, it is simple, it is fluid, and it is functional. Our image is important. We have been spending the last few days enabling features and adapting the theme to our needs and as always squashing bugs. The early adopters have shown serious affection for the new look, and I believe many of you will too.


    I ask that everyone bare with us during this transition while we give ourselves a face-lift. You may notice some navigation bar changes, links going all over the place. As well as some forum changes, many unused sub forums will be going away. We will bringing in news articles, game reviews, cooking recipes, product reviews, and ask me anythings in a new part of our website. The blogs will be turned on and ready for anyone to create and maintain. We want a platform for the users to express themselves, and we want a platform where Reckless can share our stories and experiences.


    Although this change will not be immediate, nor will certain articles be right away, we do expect roughly 0 down time when we push out the updates.



    - Hoff



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    15 hours ago, Al Hoff said:

    cooking recipes

    Believe me, Im hard at work making my new and improved butter noodles v2.

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