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    8/1/2017 Newsletter of the Week

    • Description: Keep up to date with the latest RGN news.

    Hello Reckless Network. This article will consist of the latest RGN news and what is buzzing around the community.


    Altis Life


    If you do not already know RGN has changed the location from Malden to Altis. In Altis they have brought back stuff such as 7.62s, Cop HMGs, Cache drops, and a lot more ways to look pretty in your bank. On the 7.62 conversation you can only obtain those from a cache drop. With the revamp of the island it brings back a more fun and realistic feeling. They have added a great feature where you can add under glow lights on your cars and it really feels like your playing Midnight Club LA. Altis has had a great turn in development and if you have not tried it out I highly suggest it.




    The Reckless Police Department has now opened applications, anybody interested in becoming a cadet can now apply and go through the recruitment steps. The RPD have also gotten training in control and is taking a turn for the right road.




    We have a great staff here at RGN and they have started to make RGN even a better community and keep it running fluently. A lot of stuff has been done and they have been responsible, please give them your respect for what they have done for the community.




    At the end of every month RGN elects new members into RGN membership, this is the beginning of their impact on the community and It would be great if you could go to their post and congratulate then. 


    The Marketing team has also been revamping and coming back stronger. Reckless Friday status is unknown and still under determination. On the other hand the video team has had new members added to it which will make sure that videos are uploaded frequently for the enjoyment of the community. There is a lot of places to help in the community so if your interested go talk to the head of the department.



    This Article is not finished come check back for additional things added to it and edits :).




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