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    Al Hoff
    • Description: Reckless911 is the newest edition to Reckless Network.

    Reckless Network is providing a proper GTA role play server by unconventional means through Reckless911. If you have been living under a rock lately and do not know what is going on, let this post inform your heart out. RGN is trying a new method to establish new and amazing servers, Reckless911 is the first test subject. With its own website, own leadership, and even own member base Reckless911 is essentially a community itself paid for by RGN and being ran by seasoned RGN members. We are sharing login databases, members, and other tools in order to give R911 its best chance of growth and survival. Having their own ecosystem to grow enables them to expand the potential of the server. They can have their own website with a mass of forums and ranks, everything they want to cater to that the RGN website would not be able to.


    With that said, the leadership of Reckless911 extends a large welcome mat to all RGN members who want to participate in the white listed server. All they need to do is fill out the white list application in order to get white listed on the server. You can find the website here https://reckless911.com/ if you have not logged into the R911 website you may use your RGN account login credentials; email and password. 


    Our first patrol is looking to be on December 1st around 7pm EST. Be sure to get whitelisted!

    Edited by Al Hoff

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