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    July Newsletter 2018

    • Description: This is the Reckless July Newsletter covering the latest news about RGN and about the gaming world.

    Greetings everyone,


    It’s been a while since we released our last newsletter so we thought it would be a good opportunity to update everyone about what’s happening around RGN and the gaming world. Make sure you check our forums at www.recklessnetwork.com and our Discord www.discord.gg/rgn for the latest Reckless updates and to stay engaged with the community! Our goal is consistency and community engagement, so we are really making a push to bring everyone together and involved routinely.



    With E3 showing some juicy titles this year, Reckless is excited to get some servers hosted with these game releases! @Angaar, a senior member, has done the legwork and launched a Reckless Ark server. Also, @Agony has launched a Reckless Minecraft server with several different mods! Make sure to check out the server details for both servers on the forums and Discord to join up!


    We’re going to be rolling out some new awards for those active members who contribute to discussions on Discord and the forums. Also, we will be adding the ability to become a Reckless Patron with a small monthly donation! This comes with many perks so check out the Reckless Store for more details.


    One of our most exciting announcements is Goats has returned to the barn! By returned, I mean changed his name from “Kelfo” back to the proper “Goats”. I would also like to personally give a shout out to him for working closely with me on some of our back end data management and analysis.


    Recently, we created a new subsection on our forums for Career and Educational assistance. Anyone that needs any career advice from how and where to apply to interview prep or educational advice from what to study to help with homework and more should stop by. We are keeping that section tightly moderated and anyone who feels they can contribute, please reach out to me! We will be implementing official “Mentor” titles to people who are verified to give reputable information and advice.



    We are going to start hosting events more routinely now!

    Current Event Schedule

    July 1st - Human: Fall Flat and Golf With Your Friends 

    July 8th - Community Meeting (Recruits and above!)

    July 15th - Tabletop Simulator

    July 27th - Cards Against Humanity



    It’s that time of the year again! The Steam Summer sale is upon us! We’ve sifted through the current assortment and found the best 10 games we were interested in that are on sale!

    Deep Rock Galactic - $18.74 

    Golf With Your Friends - $3.89 

    Human: Fall Flat - $7.49 

    Tabletop Simulator - $9.99 (4-pack $29.99) 


    E3 2018

    Is it me or did the E3 venue step up their game this year? There are some big releases coming out that I think a lot of people are looking forward to. We are definitely looking forward to hosting some servers for a few of those games. Check out some of the big titles that our members are looking forward to.

    Anthem - February 22, 2019 - @Echo wasn't that impressed by E3 this year, but Anthem sure gave him something to wait for.

    Fallout 76 - Novemebr 14, 2018 - @Gewchie will be our next post-apocalyptic savior!

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - October 26, 2018 - @Barddy is Barddy and just wants to shoot some stuff!



    @CesilTheDiddler - July 3rd

    @Alien8r - July 5th

    @Lstolte - July 17th

    @Medicinal - July 18th

    @Agony - July 26th

    @JokerzFayme - July 26th

    @Boomsticks - July 29th








    @Wars Gift






    We want to thank all of our donators who support RGN! A big shot out to you guys and gals for helping RGN stay great! 

    Stay Reckless everyone!

    - InfernalRage :rgn:

    Edited by InfernalRage

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