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    January Newsletter 2018

    John Falcon
    • Description: What's been Reckless in RGN this January? Find out in this newsletter!

    RGN January Newsletter 2018


    Greetings, gamers, streamers, members, developers, and friends. In this month’s newsletter, we are going to look back in review of all the exciting things as well as all the Recklessness that happened this December in the community. This months newsletter should get you caught up and up to speed on what happened this month and as for you new members a little insight on what’s been happening in the community. So kick back and let’s get into our first topic.


    Happy Birthday!

    At RGN, we’d like to wish our members a Happy Birthday, I mean hey, it only comes around once a year! A year older means another year of fun jam-packed gaming for you and your friends to spend time together and have some laughs. We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to @Reckless Bot @Valshe @BeenJamminMon @TjTragic.I hope you had a Reckless Birthday and many more to all of you!


    New RGN Channel Content!

    RGN is on its way back on top. With the Marketing Department working hard we are pushing to provide our members of the community with something new and exciting to watch. We started pushing our channel to new heights and we feel that this is just the beginning. We hope you will stick around as we post new and exciting videos every month. We also would like you to check out our twitter here. You can follow us this way to see what is new and exciting such as gaming news, community news, and more!



    Join the Marketing Department!

    Are you someone who enjoys growing a community? Helping out with exciting projects? Or even increasing the morale of the community members around you? Than Marketing Department is right for you! RGN Marketing Department needs your help, we are looking for some community members that are ready to take flight in expanding and growing the community to new heights. What would you get to do as a member of the Marketing Department? You would get to Stream, Record Gameplay, help take part in writing the newsletter, and even post new tweets for people to read just about everyday, as well as spreading the word of RGN! If you are interested in joining us, You can go ahead and fill out an app on our website under Marketing Department and our Marketing Leader @MiAtCh would be glad to answer any questions you have regarding the Marketing Department and what you would be doing.


    Game of the Month

    It is that time again, we received your votes and for those who are not familiar with this. Game of the Month is a poll vote for the newsletter on what the RGN community thought their favorite game was this month. Congrats to this months winners PUBG and Escape from Tarkov! These games deserved to bring home the award for RGN’s Game of the Month. It’s a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” for everyone! Thanks for voting and looking forward to next month’s votes!



    Thank you for Staying Reckless with us!

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