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    Changes and Updates

    • Description: New changes are about to come to RGN.

    Hello fellow gamers, we are excited to present to you some major changes around Reckless Gaming Network. We will be overhauling and restructuring our ranks. Some of you may be thinking, “Not again!” However, we firmly believe that everyone will be pleased with the new system! Instead of going off monthly meetings of promotions and recruitment meetings, we will be transitioning to an entirely time based system. New applicants will still undergo a vetting process, which will be much more efficient and unbiased.




    Why are we making these changes? With our massive influx of members on Discord and our plans for the future, we want to grow our community even more! We need to be prepared for that growth and we believe the rank restructure will provide the framework for the future. We hope to get people more involved in the community and to look forward to the future in RGN.  


    Recruitment Policy: https://recklessnetwork.com/topic/19947-recruitment-policies/

    Member Ranks and Positions: https://recklessnetwork.com/about-rgn/


    Stay Reckless


    - InfernalRage







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