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    By Draxt, in Reckless News,

    Chapter 2 - The Reckoning
    Ladies and Gentlemen, today tragedy has stricken our island.  As the Malden war went to unheard of measures the violence has not stopped.  With a rumor of the last prince of the Juggalo family escaping to our precious sanctuary, we have been struck in an assassination attempt by the Tanoa Cartel.  Our intelligence services have concluded that this is the same cartel who destroyed our Malden homes forcing us to flee to Altis.   At 6:29pm this evening our island was struck by a nuclear attack.  Thankfully, our air defenses were able to allow us to avert complete destruction and intercept the majority of the missiles.  However, one did slip through and struck Kavala, causing the complete destruction of our dear capital.  The town lies destroyed, with homes, garages, and our precious square in shambles. At this time, our radiological sensors have shown that the radiation is contained to the city. We have deployed our science team to the area in an attempt to find a way to clean up this tragic disaster.  The Medical Emergency and Manufacturing Endeavor (MEME) has graciously set up camp at the former stadium for survivors.  Here, they are gathering goods and supplies to help rebuild our ruined city.  We need your help to donate goods and supplies for this project. A government backed fund has been allotted to reward those brave men and women that donate to the cause. You will be rewarded with cash for all donations given to MEME. There will also be grants and funding to reward the citizens that are the most helpful as all donations will be thoroughly tracked and logged. MEME is still reviewing all of the damage, but we hope to have estimations of the amount of materials needed as soon as possible. Through the hard work and bravery from all we will continue to survive and rebuild.
    More Altis Info
    Kavala city has been quarantined and open access to the city is no longer possible. The Altis Life Management team will continue active development and coordination under the oversight from RGN Leadership. The RPD will now be holding bi-monthly elections for the Captain positions. Official Life Gangs will be coming soon with details to come soon. The rules committee has been put in place to ensure our rules and policies remain current and fit the current playstyle of the game. The Admin team will be growing in the days to come with active, attentive, and passionate individuals.
    Chapter 2 is an effort to move away from the Kavala-centered gameplay which we have seen in the past, and expand our map usage.  Kavala will be rebuilt, but only with cooperation and involvement from the players.  This will come through the new “relief centers” set up at the Stadium.  We can also expect some exciting events to take place in the weeks to come that gives the players some different gameplay and fun.
    We will be setting up a way for everyone to view who has donated what. How much. How much we have to hit out “goals” and much more. We want this to be a unique and fun experience in game, and out.
    From Al Hoff: “This time around we are attempting to integrate a story about Altis. You have already been given chapter 1 above which is more of reason for the return to Altis and some foreshadowing. Each of the stories will signify some situation that has happened or about to happen. Some of these chapters will reflect in-game changes. You may find yourself logging on one day and noticing a lot of different things, which means you should check the forums for a story and community wide objectives! Moving on, there are many plans for Altis and at this point we will work on them and try to get them to the player base in a fully functional state.”

    By MoneyB, in Reckless News,

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is my extreme pleasure to announce that Reckless Friday will be returning OFFICIALLY starting this Friday, 18 August! Many of you have maybe heard of this but not actively participated in it, others may have been active participants in it! Either way, we are back and ready to have a great time. So please tune in this Friday, 18 August at 9PM EST for some great topics of conversation, some drinks and overall a great time.
    The lineup of personalities that will be on this stream:
    @Al Hoff
    With this lineup I can guarantee you one thing, you won’t be in for a boring night! What is in it for you? Besides actively participating in the stream itself, everyone who joins in on the fun and tunes in will be eligible to win the following prizes:
    Game giveaways RGN T-Shirt giveaways And more!  
    So what are you waiting for? We hope to see you this Friday! And make sure to invite your friends!
    Don't forget to follow https://www.twitch.tv/recklessgamingnetwork  

    By Stryker34, in Reckless News,

    Hello Reckless Network. This article will consist of the latest RGN news and what is buzzing around the community.
    Altis Life
    If you do not already know RGN has changed the location from Malden to Altis. In Altis they have brought back stuff such as 7.62s, Cop HMGs, Cache drops, and a lot more ways to look pretty in your bank. On the 7.62 conversation you can only obtain those from a cache drop. With the revamp of the island it brings back a more fun and realistic feeling. They have added a great feature where you can add under glow lights on your cars and it really feels like your playing Midnight Club LA. Altis has had a great turn in development and if you have not tried it out I highly suggest it.
    The Reckless Police Department has now opened applications, anybody interested in becoming a cadet can now apply and go through the recruitment steps. The RPD have also gotten training in control and is taking a turn for the right road.
    We have a great staff here at RGN and they have started to make RGN even a better community and keep it running fluently. A lot of stuff has been done and they have been responsible, please give them your respect for what they have done for the community.
    At the end of every month RGN elects new members into RGN membership, this is the beginning of their impact on the community and It would be great if you could go to their post and congratulate then. 
    The Marketing team has also been revamping and coming back stronger. Reckless Friday status is unknown and still under determination. On the other hand the video team has had new members added to it which will make sure that videos are uploaded frequently for the enjoyment of the community. There is a lot of places to help in the community so if your interested go talk to the head of the department.
    This Article is not finished come check back for additional things added to it and edits :).

    By Al Hoff, in Giveaways,

    We met our July donation goal! Woohoo! We get to stay online for longer, and develop servers you keep coming back to! This month since we have met the goal we have decided to giveaway a copy of PlayerUnkown's BattleGrounds also known as PUBG. Many of our members and guests own and play the game, I am sure they would be willing to play with you if you win a copy!
    What do you have to do to win? Easy.
    Like this post! Reply and tell RGN what you love about July!  
    Winner will be drawn at random on August 3rd so you have some time to enter, but don't forget! You must not own the game already! If we get 100 or more entries on this post by the drawing date we will giveaway 2 copies, since that is a lot of people..

    By Al Hoff, in Reckless News,

    Forum members and community members rejoice! Blogs have been enabled and are now able to be created by anyone. If you're interested in your own blog all you have to do is create one and then make a new blog entry. Blogs can be found on the navigation bar at the top of the page or at this link. If you have any questions about blogs just hit @Al Hoff up on discord or a PM. 
    When you create your blog you will be able to customize it further with a cover photo. Furthermore there are some settings while managing the blog to allow individuals who have a blog elsewhere to import their feeds into their blog on Reckless Network. Blogs may be jointly managed by multiple people but you would need to contact me, @Al Hoff to use that configuration (not hard to implement).
    To clear up the air about "news/articles" and "blogs", I like to use this statement; news is official Reckless Network content while blogs are for the people by the people. So if you are writing content on behalf of Reckless Network, or want to, you will need to join the marketing team and be quickly taught how to post a news article, game review, ask me anything, etc.

    By Al Hoff, in Reckless News,

    Chapter 1 - The Beginning
    Today I come to you with terrible news. Our island as we know it, Malden, has been destroyed by unfathomable nuclear weapons from an enemy, we do not know who. Our homes, our families, our lively hood... gone before our eyes. I stand here, dismayed, a survivor on the edge of the island watching as it all turns to dust. Shielding my face from the blinding light and blistering hot blast. Everything I once knew is gone. Everyone I now know is gone. The island is destroyed, the radiation kills in minutes. Those lucky enough to be on the edges may only have so many years left...
    Our new home for us is a place called Altis. Our ancestors lived there but were forced to flee due to famine. With any luck when we arrive, the ground will be fertile ready for us new settlers to start again. We will rebuild but we will do it better this time. Each one of us will contribute to create a thriving life for us, and our children. But we will never forget the pain this moment in history has bestowed upon us..
    I wish I could tell you all that we can move on. But I can not tell you this. Many of us have gone missing since the blast and this enemy, who ever they are will not likely leave us to flea. They will follow us and  we must be on guard watching for the next threat. We will rebuild. We will survive. Do not let them win.
    - Survivor
    P.S. Our boats will arrive soon, I can see the mountains on the horizon.
    More Altis Info
    Reckless Network will be making the return to Altis very soon, it may even be less than a day away and if you're late to reading this it might already be online. The discussions have taken place and the cog wheels have been turning the last few days to recreate an Altis to build from. With our new developers who have been around the arma life servers scene for many years and the new organizational tactics to better manage the server we are coming out of the gate stronger than we have before. And while the rumors have gone around that Altis is on its way back, we have heard some of the questions and have prepared the following answers:
    Is Altis coming back?  Yes Will money, houses, vehicles be wiped?  Yes Will there be a new economy?  Yes Is Malden server shut down?  Yes Are the rules changing?  Yes Are you removing ems?  No Are you wiping the cop force?  No Will there be 7.62 weapons?  Yes in new cache drops Is the federal reserve back?  Yes in Pygros Are gang hideouts returning?  Yes Is the market dynamic?  Yes Anything happening with pub cops?  Yes 2 slots for all and 2 slots for donors How many houses and garages can you own?  4 Will my current donation status carry over?  Yes What are the donor options?  $5 - VIP slots (civ/cop). $10 - Skins & previous. $20 - TS channel, pinned gang recruitment, & previous.  
    This time around we are attempting to integrate a story about Altis. You have already been given chapter 1 above which is more of reason for the return to Altis and some foreshadowing. Each of the stories will signify some situation that has happened or about to happen. Some of these chapters will reflect in-game changes. You may find yourself logging on one day and noticing a lot of different things, which means you should check the forums for a story and community wide objectives! Moving on, there are many plans for Altis and at this point we will work on them and try to get them to the player base in a fully functional state.
    Additionally the current admins will be enforcing some different rules than you may be used to, so be sure to read the rules when we launch Altis.
    If you have any other questions leave a comment or reply below! 

    By Al Hoff, in Reckless News,

    Our current website theme leaves some room for desire and then some. It is sharp, but it is old. It has been through the seasons and holidays providing comfort to all of us. From Futurama Robo Santa, terminator holding a turkey, 007 Storm Trooper, to Miranda's ass it has given us a powerful image to rally behind. But Reckless needs to take a new direction. For the sake of functionality, and for the sake of streamlined progress to allow us to expand our wings without serious design flaws. Reckless Network will be turning a new leaf in the coming days. And with that leaf comes a new theme.
    Our new theme will not be a near image of the current Reckless theme. At least to most, it is better. It will serve its purpose for many years like its predecessor. It is clean, it is simple, it is fluid, and it is functional. Our image is important. We have been spending the last few days enabling features and adapting the theme to our needs and as always squashing bugs. The early adopters have shown serious affection for the new look, and I believe many of you will too.
    I ask that everyone bare with us during this transition while we give ourselves a face-lift. You may notice some navigation bar changes, links going all over the place. As well as some forum changes, many unused sub forums will be going away. We will bringing in news articles, game reviews, cooking recipes, product reviews, and ask me anythings in a new part of our website. The blogs will be turned on and ready for anyone to create and maintain. We want a platform for the users to express themselves, and we want a platform where Reckless can share our stories and experiences.
    Although this change will not be immediate, nor will certain articles be right away, we do expect roughly 0 down time when we push out the updates.
    - Hoff