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    Hey bud! Maybe we can be squeaker buddys! Anyways hope you enjoy yourself!
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    And the winner is... @Thorvald please reach out to me so I can get it to you. Thank you everyone so much for your patience in my technical difficulties...
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    butter is always provided. Good turnout here at the start! Thank you @Gewchie @Dark @Tristan @Preacher @Frank @G. Crooks @Austin @Eagles for all gettin in that hottt golf session.
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    Well, I'm Steve Archer, I'm a 15 year old Coder that loves roleplay, the reason I have moved over here is because the past community I developed, was cancelled. But anyways, I'm mostly known as a "squeaky dumb c***" and so on, but I disagree, I'm a fairly mature individual and I understand how things work. I have been roleplayer for around 2 - 3 years now in a whole bunch of games, G-Mod, ARK, Reign of Kings, and Arma 2/3 of course! I don't have really any friends, most of them are in takistan or lakeside, but I'm always looking for people to hang out with. I'm looking to start a gang called The Freedom Fighters when I have enough friends. Well, it was nice meeting you, hope to see you in-game! PC Spectifications: GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Processor Power Supply: CX Series™ CX750M — 750 Watt 80 PLUS® Bronze Certified Modular ATX PSU (2015 Edition) Mouse: SteelSeries - Rival 700 Gaming Mouse - Black Keyboard: Steel Series Apex 100 Gaming Keyboard, Black Headset: Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma ‑ headset ‑ Full size ‑ Black Mic: Blue Microphones Yeti ‑ Blackout
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    Hello RGN! This is Press Core’s first publishment, please provide feedback in order for us to supply you all with better content in the future. In these articles, we will work to provide you with updates on recent events and what RGN is doing in the future. The RPD experienced a major leadership change with the addition of captain Butch Coolidge to the force. Welcome, Butch! With Butch's promotion, Captain Operator was ranked to Honorary Sergeant. This change occurred as a result of the other captains “abandoning ship” due to a lack of time and other responsibilities. Rumor has it that Captain Draxt “fell in love” with Butch and chose him worthy of helping leadership pursue success in the RPD. Draxt states that the future with Butch holds a place for division revamping and increased roleplay. But, what does the new leader have to say himself? What do you and Draxt plan on focusing on for the future of the RPD? Butch: For the future of the Reckless Police Department Draxt and I focus on changing the mindset of the force from "Oh they are going to die" to an "Oh this is going to be some fun role-play". We want everyone on the island to have a good time and not have to worry about being gunned down by the police. With this, we do not want to restrict any police either, if the situation comes to it our officers will be ready to take down any threats. If there was one tip you would give to someone aspiring to become a whitelist officer what would that be? Butch: For anyone out there who wants to become a whitelisted officer the biggest thing we TRULY look for is role-play. If you are role-playing every situation out and putting in the effort you will be noticed. Everything else that comes with a cop can be taught, role-play is a god given talent ladies and gents. Is there anything else you would like to say to the community? Butch: Citizens of Altis and the Great Gods above, the Reckless Police Department only asks for you to give us a chance. I believe that if you give any of our officers the light of day it will turn out to be a fun situation for everyone! As for some new "things" for the force, you should see some major changes in the coming weeks. Although I cannot say what it will be, I am sure everyone will love it. Sounds like Butch really has some good intentions towards further shaping the RPD. Note that both Draxt and Butch mentioned a surprise coming to the RPD in the near future, what do you guys think it is? I guess we will have to see. Upon new interest to expand the community's game variety, RGN has started experimenting with a new promising game similar to Rust, Conan Exiles. The game is an open-world survival experience containing giant ass creatures and an unforgiving environment. Players are able to group up with friends, create epic bases, fight other players, and fight terrifying beasts. This game appeals to gamers like Ronduth who enjoys the idea of groups of players working to a common goal which, in his mind, is creating an unraidable base. However, he states that he and his friends will hunt down anyone who messes with his “Boys”. Be sure to watch out for Ronduth and his pack out there! RGN has a server up now (PVP enabled) go join and spread the word! (For more info on Conan head here). We achieved a great accomplishment last Saturday. Discord and RGN have created a partnership! This will result in a custom URL, custom splash on that URL, VIP server access, badge, and a partnership with a program many of us love and use on a daily basis! Could this lead to more partnerships in the future? Event Team Tristan and the Event Team have stepped up to try and keep events constantly being provided to the community. One of Tristan's main ideas with the new event team is to make sure it stays active and provides frequent quality work. Which he seems to be doing a good job of as there have already been many events scheduled for February including BF1 Fun Time, Rocket League, and a Wasteland Adventure. If you have any questions about the event team, you are in luck! Tristan and the team will be holding a Q&A on February 26th at 9pm EST. Hope to see you all at some of these new events! Video Team The Event Team isn't the only team that has recently taken an initiative. The RGN Video Team has released 3 possible options for future video types to be shown on RGN. Those options consist of Podcasts, Gaming Series, and Tech Videos. We were able to speak to Lucas Ashton, a member of the video team, about the sudden interest towards new content being created for the community. Lucas stated that he had recently noticed a lack of videos being released on the entertainment side of the video team. He claims that the team desires to create more community-involved content rather than the occasional montage. RGN can expect more announcements and plans to be released soon along with “a little surprise”. Keep an eye out for some of these new creative videos! El Fin! Well, that's a wrap for Press Core's first Article. There definitely is a lot of new things to look forward to and a lot of new ideas being experimented with coming to RGN. Did you enjoy the article and its content? Do you want a topic/question covered in our next edition? Message either me or @TjTragic on the forums! Credit and thanks to @Ronduth, @Draxt, @Lucas Ashton, and @Butch Coolidge for providing their input and answers. Big thanks to @Al Hoff for making this happen!
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    I had a blasted getting fucked but ornaments
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    Welcome man! see you around and hope you find some friends around here
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    Welcome to RGN! Hopy you enjoy your time here and Happy Gaming!
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    Welcome to the community man! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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    I hate @Tristan
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    hey mane Welcome and good luck with your gang
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    Howdy Partner ! Welcome to RGN ! If you need any sort of help hit me up in TS
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    I'll be drawing this later today!
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