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    HEY GUYS! So this is my first giveaway, So I may over do stuff, or under do stuff. Lets get this Tanoa server populated! Yes, I know 1 copy isn't much, it's all the money I got, and its a start. How to Enter: Like this Thread Comment The best thing you like about RGN. Advice for a new person. Wishing other people good luck. Forum account must be at least 2 weeks old (July 9th, 2016) Must have at least 10 posts. CANNOT already have the APEX DLC. I know your like CONNORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! THATS ALOT! :( . Well, im just trying to get people to be active and support one another. Drawing: The Winner will be drawn Wednesday, July 27th, 2016. Good Luck to everyone!
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    I think you are welcome here and I don't want to see you leave, nor does a lot of other people because you bring great laughs and have been very dedicated and helpful. I think you should just relax and not make a drastic decision to leave. It matters to a lot of people and I don't think know that
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    Howdy, My name is Eddie, also known as General187. Many of you already know me, and for those of you that don't, it will be a pleasure to meet you in the coming days and weeks. I was fortunate enough to be given a second chance by the RGN founders. I had made some really shitty mistakes about 7 months ago that cost me some friends and loss of being a community member. Being that I was given a second chance / fresh start, I would like to do the same with everyone that I beef'd with or didn't play with before. I'm putting all the past drama, nonsense, bullshit behind me. If you want to play with me, just simply hit me up. Thank you again to the founders! I'm very appreciative to have been given a second chance and I look forward to becoming a positive figure in the community once again. - General187
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    Ok folks. I've been here about a month and for the most part enjoyed my time. It's time to say goodbye, so I wanted to say "Thank You!" to the programmers, and all of the fun people I've been able to RP with and have a good time. The constant griefing by the 3-C (Triple Cocks) group and all of the camping of traders & just rampant robbery are the reasons why I'm going elsewhere. For the rest of you, work on your role play. Think of something fun or funny to do other than trying to be a thug and robbing people. Peace out.
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    Started playing WoW against the advice of my co-workers telling me not to. Became the best dwarf priest in the world and got into any guild I wanted to for being a beast ass healer and having fear ward. Helped this chick I met in game with her guild who couldn't run Karazahn without wiping on the first trash pull. Ended up marrying said chick IRL a few years down the road after impressing her with my god like WoW talents. Now I am a Human Paladin waiting for the next boring expansion so I can get tired of it in three months.
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    Sorry for the delay - I have VERY limited access to my computer at this time due to hazardous reasons, but at any rate, you will execute them. (Just double click them). Might need to be run as administrator, depending on your OS and security settings.
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    For me I had started out seeing my cousins play. They had the game some time before me, but at the time I was still one of those go outside and play kinda kids. Then our tutor, who was our neighbor, told us that she played. She was like 10 years older than us, and said that her entire family plays together, and basically we would derail our tutoring sessions to talk about the game. My brother and I were not old enough to drive at the time, so we had her get us World of Warcraft:Burning Crusade, and one time card. My brother and I shared an account for a while, and I believe my first character was a Night Elf Priest. Next was a Hunter by the name of KillrOfKills. Yes, very good 12 year old names. Later down the road, she said that she was going to stop playing, and that's when I offered to buy her account. I dropped $60 for her account, which had a level 60 warlock on it with full Dreadmist (still my main main today). At this point BC game out and my brother and I could start leveling together. We gamed pretty hard in the paint, struggled for weeks (probably over a month) to get to level 70. We were broke af and didn't know how to make money or how to really do anything other than quest and lightly PvP. Over a couple of years I played off and on with CoD and WoW. My brother played for some of Wrath, but I continued on heavily through Wrath and Cata, and slowed down in MoP and WoD. I met dozens of friends on there, went through tons of drama, had my fair share of whores in Goldshire, never really talk to anyone from my WoW days as most are either way other than me or younger. Now days I normally just hardcore PvP on my Frost DK with my friend who is a Holy/Ret Paladin. He and I are extremely competitive when we play now days. I take my gold in-game very seriously and spend it less than money irl. Don't ask for my gold.
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    Welcome back man, I been low key watching your exile vids and it's lit af. Hope to see you around
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    Welcome back @@General187 and I think you know your way around here still.
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    general! welcome dude! hope to see you around!
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    Back in 2004 I was a HUGE Counter-strike player. The only thing I ever did back in 2004 was scrim 5v5 while spamming mIRC LFM or LFG 5v5 | Dust2 | yours | Central . Well I remember we went to an Indianapolis Lan tournament shortly after the release of world of warcraft. I remember seeing this on computer screens but I had absolutely no desire as I was a professional CS player and I had no time for that BS. Well... over the next week or so after the tourney our scrim times diminished greatly, I was doing pick up games and wondering where are my teammates. Come to find out they had all got a copy of WoW. I was so pissed that my CS team just bailed on everything we worked for just to play WoW. After a bit I decided it meant more for me to play with my teammates then to just keep doing pub games on CS. I bought the game shortly after. The game I said no f*cking way to and I just logged as a warlock and that lasted about 2 weeks. I was a complete noob until I found out what a Paladin was, back then Paladins were completely support classes, with the concentration of mana per 5s gear stacking. I remember I got into raids shortly after lvl60 and joining a guild called FEST, it was a top tier raiding guild on Deathwing On my 2nd night of raiding ever, we killed Ragnaros for the first time. I was one of the 4 paladin healers in a 40 man raid. I quickly got assigned to main tank healing which was a great honor to have. Eventually I was the class lead and assigned buffs. As my raiding career started to really blossom, my CS career slowly died. I was a caleague general manager, the creator of European Source league for CAL, and I was pissing it away for WoW. Needless to say I am an elitist jerk to the max, I was one if not the top tier paladin on our realm for raiding and world pvp. I was hooked. FML. @@Gewchie your up next @@LoneWolf
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    69 someone had to do it Thank you for the giveaway
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    God yes but the best advice that i got and seen on here is this "make a story pick a roll and stick to it through everything stay in the roll" and eventually it will start to flow naturally
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