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  2. Hoff's Battle Station

    Nice setup very very clean @Al Hoff
  3. Hoff's Battle Station

    Yeah, they had it coming tho
  4. norelis

    User Banned: norelis Server(s): Reckless Network Websites Banned By: Al Hoff Ban Length: Permanent
  5. Yesterday
  6. Happy birthday Zorah!

    Very Very Late Thank you! ;P
  7. Happy Birthday Eagles!

    Happy birthday Eagles!
  8. Lstolte

    Welcome! Glad you made an introduction. Do you also play WOW then? I'll add you on bnet. If you do play WOW, even casually, hit me up and you can join some of us in that game as well
  9. Happy Birthday Eagles!

    Ok. I see how it is.
  10. Lstolte

  11. Department Officers

    Congrats !
  12. Lstolte

    Welcome to the community!! We might have to play Smite sometime.
  13. Nordy's Introduction

  14. Happy Birthday Eagles!

    Happy birthday
  15. Happy Birthday Eagles!

    Thanks guys I appreciate the birthday wishes!
  16. No Initiation, I demand all comp x2. :blowkissheart:

  17. Nordy's Introduction

    Welcome to the forums Austin. Have fun.
  18. Lstolte

    Welcome to the Forums! Please make yourself at home and welcome here. If you like GTA you should check out our upcoming RP server.
  19. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums bud
  20. Lstolte

    Welcome to the forums!
  21. Happy Birthday Eagles!

    @TristanDaddy Ron is not your dad? It's Eagles? :thinking:
  22. Lstolte

    Welcome good sir! While I do not currently play any games on your list I do hope our paths cross! Kindly, Draxt
  23. Happy Birthday Eagles!

    HAPPY birf day
  24. Lstolte

  25. Lstolte

  26. Happy Birthday Eagles!

  27. Happy Birthday Eagles!

    Happy Birthday you Fat Fuck Lay off those kids for a while ok? (Incase anyone is confused on what the hell I am talking about click here.)
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