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  2. LukeChels

    Name of Player Banned: LukeChelsGame / Server: GTA Reason for Ban/Kick: RDMLength of Ban: Perm More Info: LukeChels was with Rhys when they RDM at the Opium Fields. Disabled a vehicle and then killed a player without any RP.
  3. I need a dedicated fucking 5 man

    i got you home dawg! Just need the time we would start playing at
  4. Rhys

    Name of Player Banned: RhysGame / Server: GTA Reason for Ban/Kick: RDM at Opium FieldLength of Ban: Permanent for RDM and disrespect More Info: 4 Players were gathering Opium when Rhys and another player drove in front of a vehicle causing engine damage. Then proceeded to kill players without saying 1 in game message.
  5. Today
  6. When are you coming back to play with me? Never? Surely you've worked all the OT you need and have already gone to vacation right? Don't tell anyone else but I do miss you :(

    1. Warrior


      I try to get on this weekend.I work nights all week 

  7. Car suggestion?

    Hey guys, Was looking for ye olde futo sport, and i cannot find it, was wondering if maybe one of you lovelies would mind adding it to the shop (It is a vanilla car so shouldnt bee too difficult) TYTY
  8. I'd like to start running radar. All blue lights would be nice. Red and Blue is ugly as fuck. Allows officers to use different sirens? Better sirens. Chose?
  9. Police computer

    Do we have an update on this? @Chow @V. [email protected]
  10. GTA rp thoughts

    It is a focus of ours. Unfortunately, we are still in the process of breaking bad habits. Thanks for your feedback.
  11. I need a dedicated fucking 5 man

    I play and carry often so I would definitely play
  12. Donations?

    Yeah I am totally against the idea of being able to buy money.
  13. GTA rp thoughts

    It's great to hear that the officers are being forced to obey the law more, I've already seen some of them at least try to obey the traffic laws a lot more now.
  14. So for the last two days, I have been working as a taxi driver and anyone who has ordered a taxi during that time should know who I am But unfortunately, during that time I have also witnessed other taxi drivers almost ruin the experience as both a driver and a passenger. Some drivers have no respect for the law and as soon as they receive a call for a pickup they go crazy and have to get there as fast as possible, meaning breaking all traffic laws, hitting pedestrians etc, which forces me as well to not obey the law if I want to get to that customer in time before such drivers get there first. Such people also tend not to obey the law when actually driving customers, ignoring red light, speeding and such. As a pretty heavy RP'er myself I find it very hard to watch and almost ruins the experience for me. There are two sides you can look at the speeding/not obeying rules to get to a customer as fast as possible. One of them is that nobody wants to wait for a taxi for 20 minutes in game just so the cab driver can legally get to you in time, and during that time said drivers would have already gotten to that customer and the legal driver would have spent all his time driving to the location only to find out that he has already been picked up. I don't really know how to fix this issue other than the police actively patrolling the streets to keep such people to obey the RP rules a bit more. But if all taxi drivers had to obey the rules when they are picking up a customer then the waiting time might be too long. So maybe allow taxi drivers to run red lights (Only when traveling to the customer, NEVER when actually driving him) but not drive like a maniac? I also had the idea (not sure if it's even possible) to have an owner of the taxi company or a supervisor that would keep check of the drivers on duty and maybe assign a driver to the call depending on how many people are actively on duty. Meaning that when someone calls for a cab, as the supervisor you would text them back (unless they did it anonymously) telling them that someone is on their way and at the same time you would text a driver or if possible have a radio channel for all the drivers like cops (I think they have a radio system?) to assign a specific person to pick them up. These are just some ideas and thoughts that occurred to me while I have been out driving around people, I'm not sure if any of this is even possible, coding wise. But at the very least I feel like the taxi drivers really need to obey the law more and try to RP as an actual cab driver more, driving wise.
  15. I need a dedicated fucking 5 man

    id play but im garbo. and would only further your ranked decline.
  16. Ok so I need 4 people that play this game everyday for a 5 man ranked team, I can't fucking stand solo queueing anymore, legit I have fallen from Gold 2 to near Silver 4 because I can't fucking win solo queueing anymore and it's the most infuriating shit I have ever dealt with. If you play Siege daily and have no problem playing ONLY ranked please let me know because I am at wits end with this shit.
  17. GTA rp thoughts

    I yelled at some people for it the other day and actually locked a cop in jail for about 20 min after I receive a complaint about his driving. We will be cracking down a lot more on cops breaking laws and rules, and just being unprofessional in general. Several people have already been removed from the force, so don't be surprised if more follow. Also, as PD gets more developed, there will be more structure and it should help alleviate a lot of these issues, or at least make them significantly easier for us supervisors to address.
  18. Disappearing cars

    Looking for a new lock script that would work. Will be fixed in the next day or two.
  19. Fisherman Job

    Will look into it. Thanks for the report!
  20. Donations?

    If we allow people to buy money then i'm out, and I'm sure there are many who would agree.
  21. overwatch Overwatch Highlights

    See you on the forums. Player report going up.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Fisherman Job

    I tried the method you suggested, with no luck.
  24. Happy Birthday!

    A week later lol thanks guys.
  25. Map discovery

    Instead of having ATMs and markets and everything else automatically pop up on the map, maybe make it to where people have to drive and explore to find new ATM's and car repair shops and stuff like that? Important stuff like the job center (even though people would find it from the driving mission), hospitals, car dealership, and police departments would be automatically shown for everyone else but stuff like illegal drugs and the processing plants for them would be hidden until they stumble upon it.
  26. overwatch Overwatch Highlights

    ill be putting one up as soon i go though all of my saved recordings
  27. Fisherman Job

    Some jobs don't have have outfits but if you press enter on the workers clothes it should still let you sell them
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