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  2. Crenshaw#3227

    User Banned: Crenshaw Server(s): Reckless Network Discord Banned By: Eagles Ban Length: Permanent Banned due to not being welcome within the community.
  3. Cast your vote - RGN Exile Map\mod

    Please note that chernarus is dependent on being able to loot some of the town, if there are a ton of areas not lootable we will just default to elsewhere but I will check them all first
  4. People were thinking forums would be a better way to keep votes straight up with no "foul play" so here we are! Vote for the map we will be playing on for our Exile server as well if you'd like the zombies mod included, it seems to be very popular among some of the more popular server and adds some cool aspects to the game and unsuspecting danger. The zombie mod:
  5. I've been very busy with IRL, Work and my new BMW ;) for the rest some WorldOfWarcraft and random other games when i have time :)24909653_1558712894209627_4848510768660600317_n.thumb.jpg.03137b22482d25e5c9bd2229e8866514.jpg

  6. Reckless Exile PVP Server IP: Server Port: 2302 Rules: You will not exploit, duplicate, abuse, glitch, hack on the server. You will report any exploitation, abuse, hacking, glitches, errors and/or bugs encountered on the server to the admins. You will not build outside the map (Debug) Minimum Distance to build Territories is 1500 meters from Traders zones, 500 meters from other bases, and 500 meters from Spawn zones (roughly). No building across roads, Gas stations, Runways, and no Sky Bases. No racism, No sexism or overly griefing players to the point of them leaving. Don't kamikaze other players (purposely crash into them). No attempting PVP in safe-zones (clearly marked on the map). No stealing in safe-zones. Any threats made against Admins, Players, or attempts made to hack/attack our Servers or our Website will be banned. Server Features: Dynamic and Static Missions. Roaming in AI in helicopter and ground vehicles. 2 Loot boxes that spawn around the map guarded by AI. Different options to raid including lock picking (knife) Grinding (Grinder+Batteries) Hacking (Laptop). Along with new ways to raid come new ways to defend, rig your safes with explosives! Requires a mine detector to scan and attempt to defuse! (This can fail). Multiple additions of weapons/clothes/bags/vehicles all available in trader cities. Create, build, defend bases and creations by buying supplies from the hardware trader or create them yourself around the map or from trees and even into some vehicles directly! A virtual Garage app available in the xm8 tablet to safely store your vehicles at your base. An app to increase view distance, a journal for base codes, a private chat option to talk privately. Apps to call in airdrops, view security base cameras, spawn bikes and a deployable vehicle and many more by pressing 6 on your keyboard while in game. Respect based load-outs! The higher your respect, the better the gear you spawn with! Light arms tanks, launchers, NO THERMALS. Stop by, it's sure to be reckless Mod List: DMS Roaming AI Jbad LYTHIUM Blastcore CBA_A3 Enhanced Movement Enhanced Soundscape Extended Base Mod FFAA Fox_cars JSRS NiArms All in one Project OPFOR RHSAFRF RHSUSAF SMA Minigun FIx TRYK VSM Restarts will be every 3 hours central time. 03:00 AM, 06:00 AM, 09:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 03:00 PM, 06:00 PM, 09:00 PM, 12:00 AM In game keybinds Tab will open up infistar keybinds and allow you to customize lock\unlock as well as other things. 6 will open up your xm8 tablet with tons of information and features. In the ESC menu there are 2 mod options, in the top left you can edit and turn off AI vehicle chatter for a more or less realistic experience. In the bottom right you can edit your Enhanced movement key binds which will allow you to climb walls/through windows. Typing !discord in chat will link you to your discord. Pressing V will allow you to jump instead of vault.
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  8. Battle for Warlords - World of Warcraft's "Battle for Azeroth"
  9. Happy Birthday Operator!

    Happy birthday @wioperatoriw
  10. Anyone going to get this X-Pac? vote!
  11. Happy Birthday Kam!

    Thanks guys! @John Falcon @Simon
  12. Happy Birthday Operator!

    Happy Birthday @wioperatoriw, Enjoy your day, make it a good one!
  13. Happy Birthday Kam!

    Happy birthday man!
  14. Z4KPL sound file

    @David Its the original OGG File.
  15. Happy Birthday Kam!

    Happy Birthday @Kam, Make A Wish big boy and blow out the candles!
  16. Z4KPL sound file

    I mean, hes been on steam fairly actively recently
  17. Z4KPL sound file

    no no someone has a like one man can save the world thing with z4kpl i think it was barddy but idk who has it
  18. Z4KPL sound file

    Um. What
  19. Z4KPL sound file

  20. Z4KPL sound file

    Cause we all miss him and want to hear his voice!! @William Ranger
  21. Z4KPL sound file

    @David Do we really need to have another talk about that? we already agreed no more fapping to z4kpl.... But what do you need it for anyway?
  22. Z4KPL sound file

    @Matthew you got one bro?
  23. Z4KPL sound file

    Hey dudes, long time no see, any chance any body has a copy of the Z4kpl "Hands up buddy" file?
  24. Burka's RIG

    The Problem with this build is because it's the same specs as all pro gamers have at this point it's not even unique anymore
  25. Burka's RIG

    I love the "enough love to go around" box and the 1/2 gallon tub of "Muscle Milk" just don't spill it on that pc
  26. Burka's RIG

    nice my dude....looking good
  27. Burka's RIG

    Awesome build man, but, Installing Windows is the easiest part. How did you have such difficulties with that? LOL P.S Did your mom buy this for you? XD
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