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    It sure is fun to make it to where shit lords can't post.
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  5. couple of people i know including me play bdo here and there
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  8. Remember me? You guys were fun!
  9. if yall ever want to play bdo with me, matthew, and one other wed be happy to have you guys join us.
  10. @Eagles , @Stickytubesock, and myself are currently dedicated to the new AAA title game called "atlas". We think it's the greatest game ever and we have no time for any other game. Sorry. Ps. BDO is pretty cool.
  11. If you play black desert online this post is for you, so please read! If you don't play then why not? Me and a couple friends recently started playing and im looking to expanding the guild we have. If you play the game and aren't dedicated to a certain guild we would love to have you! We dont have any specific goals as a guild yet. just expansion and having fun playing the game. if youre a veteran playerr wed certainly love to have you for some insight to the game and what direction we could possibly be taking the guild! If youre interested leave a comment explaining why and what you could bring to the guild, and i will contact you with the guilds discord info. thanks for reading! have a good day.
  12. Doing better than ever! Maybe come hang out in discord and play some ARK, Siege, or Tarkov with some people.
  13. I don't know if you guys remember me or my brother that i played with. V.Lenin and J. Stalin Or better yet you guys might remember us as Tony the Ray and Vinny The Pig Gambino. Some of the best times gaming on Arma 3 was on the Reckless Network Server. We hope that everyone is doing well, I would love to see a comeback to the great server that we had. Much love to the RPD for tolerating our bullshit and same goes to the admins! Hope to game with you guys in the future ! Was always fun role-playing etc etc. Much love from Brooklyn, New York The Gambino's and the Russian Mafia !
  14. When is the next recruitment period?
  15. i miss this server and everyone in it. altis life was the glory days. happy holidays boys.

    1. RisingRonin


      Merry Christmas!

  16. Happy Birthday InfernalRage! Better to be over the hill than buried under it.
  17. A phone, email, text, skype, discord, messaging, communication works two ways doesnt it?
  18. Oh right! I LOVE Sea of Thieves! Haven't really played it at all since a couple weeks after release though! Didn't really have anyone to play with, it's a game you need friends for. I've never been able to get into Fallout.. I've tried. I bought the last Battlefield, played it for like a week then got bored as all hell. I used to love these genres of games more than anything but nowdays they just bore me honestly! It'd be fun to have people to hop on with and shoot some shit up from time to time though! I've literally never watched a single Star Wars movie. I'm a Harry Potter guy OKAY?! A LOT of people give me shit for this..... So if anyone else here wants to harp on me for it, feel free mothafuckers because I have skin of STEEL!
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