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  4. i miss this server and everyone in it. altis life was the glory days. happy holidays boys.

    1. RisingRonin


      Merry Christmas!

  5. Happy Birthday InfernalRage! Better to be over the hill than buried under it.
  6. A phone, email, text, skype, discord, messaging, communication works two ways doesnt it?
  7. Oh right! I LOVE Sea of Thieves! Haven't really played it at all since a couple weeks after release though! Didn't really have anyone to play with, it's a game you need friends for. I've never been able to get into Fallout.. I've tried. I bought the last Battlefield, played it for like a week then got bored as all hell. I used to love these genres of games more than anything but nowdays they just bore me honestly! It'd be fun to have people to hop on with and shoot some shit up from time to time though! I've literally never watched a single Star Wars movie. I'm a Harry Potter guy OKAY?! A LOT of people give me shit for this..... So if anyone else here wants to harp on me for it, feel free mothafuckers because I have skin of STEEL!
  8. Sot is sea of thieves, fallout is a great series, battlefield 5 i duno yet cause its not out but ill have it because of the origin access thing and battlefront is star wars battlefield.
  9. What is SoT?! Don't play Fallout.. Is Battlefield 5 really worth getting? Battlefront 2? Never heard of that one!
  10. SoT, Fallout 76, Battlefield 5, Battlefront 2. Take your pick there guy.
  11. Some of you may know me.... If you don't, Hi! I'm BeenJamminMon! I play video games. I haven't played video games with any of you in a long time, kinda miss it. It's most likely my fault because I don't really pay attention to the Discord much. Despite that being a fact, I blame all of you. Would it hurt to maybe send your buddy BeenJamminMon a DM here and there asking if maybe possibly just maybe he may wanna play some video games?!! What, wasn't I cool enough for you guys?! Don't think about me anymore!!?! Why can't I just be loved?!?! EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART!!!!!! In all seriousness though, love you guys. Let's play video games again sometime. I had some of the best times here playing with all of you at RGN. It's a shame we've drifted apart. P.S. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the greatest game ever made, ever. edit: Thanks @Dark for DM'ing earlier and asking if I'm still alive!
  12. can someone help me with discord perms 

  13. I'd rather have a small community of people that WANT to be here over having a massive community of people that are only here for a server. What I've accepted in the past 4 months is that Altis is dead. All you have to do is check gametracker for NA Altis Life servers and it tells you all you need to know, Asylum hasn't even maxed out their servers in over a month, Olympus is the only NA based Altis Life community that has maxed their servers out recently. That should start to tell you something right there. If Asylum can't even max their servers out anymore what makes you think that we could? What makes you think that we could even sustain a population for more then a couple weeks? Everyone is so adamant that Altis Life could "revive" this community but get pissy when we say no. If you guys think Altis Life is such a sustainable thing for a community 4 years after it's inital release go make your own community and tell us how it goes. There's been MULTIPLE communities that have broken off from this one and FAILED trying to be another Altis Life community (Tidal, Renegades, and Templar are the 3 that stand out). Everyone has said this community is "dying" for the last year to year and a half. What you people don't realize is it's not the servers that make a community it's the people within it. The people that are here in RGN, that talk in the discord on a daily basis, that play games with one another like we have been since we all first met in GSN will be the reason this community is "dying" for who knows how long.
  14. Also, why use website when there's not a server.. discord is what's up
  15. This post is a literal meme stop taking it serious lmfao
  16. I hate to see this community die the way it is. This is something that could bring this community back to life, I mean lets face it the website gets maybe 10-20 people on it a day compared to the amounts it used to get back when arma was here. Ya I know it was a lot of drama and bs but hey it was some of the funnest times of my life, It really breaks my heart to see this community end up like this. I think you guys should give it a shot, it may not suite your interest but if it's what the community wants and needs to stay on the map I really think it's what needs to happen. But hey i'm not the big man in charge but its just my thoughts as to things I would do if I were the leader. Lately after reading some post in this topic it seems to me as if you guys don't want the community anymore seems like you guys would rather take the easier route and just tell the true people that want to revive this community to just go someplace else. But hey that doesn't matter you guys do as you feel is best for the community.
  17. i heard that other community has one up, should go over there.
  18. Hate to say it, but i have 0 interest in arma!
  19. @David Chlo I hope that was a compliment not an insult. My taste for songs and music changes all the time. I don't have a personal favorite. But what do you like to listen to man?
  20. NBA YoungBoy, Logic, SOB x RBE, Shoreline Mafia, NBA OG3Three, and Joyner Lucas
  21. how have all of you been? 

    1. RisingRonin


      Never better!

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