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  4. Happy birthday @Agony and @JokerzFayme!
  5. Update we are alpha, we have raided both of our contendors to at or near full wipe. if anyone is still interested we are still taking spots and are thinking of doing fun server takeovers. Where we go to new full wipe servers and get alpha.
  6. Texas

    Tabletop simulator event!

    comes play tabletop Saturday july 21st! 5pm cst use this strawpoll to vote on games https://strawpoll.com/9xa5r5a1
  7. Happy belated birthday @Lstolte and @Medicinal! Sorry we missed your birthday.
  8. Thank you for being a Reckless Subscriber Ronduth! We appreciate your support! Stay Reckless!
  9. Thank you for the support Mr. Sock!
  10. Thank you for donating Stickytubesock! We sincerely appreciate your supporting us!
  11. A friend of mine was doing a capstone project in college using data from Twitter. I believe the project goal was to make an algorithm to analyze a massive heap of Twitter data and see what people are talking about. Using a natural language processor it would then break down and tell you what people are talking about the most on Twitter. Thus allowing you to see possible financial market behavior.
  12. beast mode status! Awesome Rig
  13. You like blue or are you more of a red kind of guy
  14. Its all RGB I like green most of it works with asus aura sync other than the cooler
  15. It would look better if it wasn't green, but niceeeeeeeeeeeee!
  16. I built this a few weeks ago. Case: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe MOBO: Asus Z370-F CPU: I7 8700K Cooler: Corsair H150i Pro GPU: Asus 1080TI 11GB RAM: 16GB G Skill Tridentz DDR4 3200 SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB HDD: Seagate 3TB 7200rpm
  17. Agony

    Hey! I'm Nanu!

    Hey pal wassup
  18. Hey, This actual peaks my interest quite a bit. I am a hands on learner and have been looking for something to help me develop my skills. I know I said I have limited time in our conversation, but an actual growth item I can make time for. hmu on discord! @InfernalRage
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