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  4. Intel was always the only good graphics card company anyway
  5. Don't drown in frosting! it's tempting I know
  6. I always thought wreckfest is what we'd call our circle jerk if we had a meet up
  7. It looks pretty fun. I would just call this Altis Life though with how I used to drive
  8. hey all! I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that they really have done a lot of updating to the game Wreckfest. here are some reviews and a SS of the madness at only 1 level Check it out it has multiplayer and single player campaign!
  9. Looks like Intel is making a run for the graphics card industry . Time to upgrade from HDXXXX to whatever they have to offer. It will be interesting to see how they can do against Intel and AMD. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/06/12/now-its-a-party-intel-officially-confirms-first-dedicated-gpu-by-2020
  10. Big dick daddy ron coming in hot with the 50 bomb!
  11. @Syrenate I already have it on PC. I'll download it soon if you want to play with me. It won't take long.
  12. its a good game mode base building and taking cities.
  13. What is it? Can you link a video or some info?
  14. Thanks for the donation Ronduth and the name Rai is just fine!!!!!
  15. your welcome Rai, but you now need a new name... "The Machine"
  16. Thank you for donating Ronduth! We sincerely appreciate your supporting us!
  17. Hey folks, WAY on board with this section of the forums. if anyone needs a pair of eyes on a resume I’m happy to take a look. I’m also happy to assist with Biology/Human Physiology(Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology)
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