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  2. Introduction... again! :D

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  4. @Braddok i posted it on our facebook, we'll get it up on twitter as well Great video man!
  5. Yoo Hazard

    Hello! Welcome to RGN
  6. New Website, Who Dis?

    Long time! Welcome
  7. Introduction

    Welcome! See you around RGN
  8. Introduction

    Welcome to RGN
  9. Late Introduction

  10. Introduction

  11. Introduction

    Welcome to RGN
  12. Introduction

    Welcome to RGN
  13. Re-Introduction

    Don't know you, welcome
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  16. A Break.

    Have fun!
  17. A Break.

    @Wolfy When you get home, get on TS. I want to talk to you.
  18. A Break.

    Have fun on break @Wolfy don't worry about deving. This is YOUR break that this time to relax and get away from the work. Unless you really want to dev, then if so go ahead and do are you please.
  19. A Break.

    I do the same thing, multiple times per week, just gotta keep moving forward
  20. A Break.

    Enjoy the time away, don’t take things too personally, like you said this is the Internet. Hopefully the time away gets you refreshed and re-energized.
  21. A Break.

    Lately it has come to my attention that it is so stupid that I would stress over a video game. And with this last week with school and everything that has been happening I have been stressing. It is so stupid that I would stress over a community online. I'm not stressing about in real life things im stressing about the computer and thats just so stupid. So I just need to take a break from RGN. I will get on here and there to play scenarios and talk to friends but im not getting involved with anything. Im going to focus on school. @David Crenshaw Good Luck. I'll try to map dev as scenarios is something I enjoy so I will be on for that. This is such a stupid post and I shouldn't have to be posting this. I give everyone my respect but when I am disrespected I take it personally. If you want to move this to members lounge do so but there is no point because other people should be aware of my absence and what my issue has been. Dueces
  22. Hey all! I just finished up my latest video in the operator review/montage series, put out a video on Fuze . If anyone wants to see me make one on their favorite operator just shoot me a comment and I'll try and get to it. I've been thinking about switching over to another game since siege is a little difficult to maintain so I don't know about continuing the series but I'll have something else out sooner or later, if you have any ideas hmu. Thanks as always though everyone!
  23. Goodnight sweet Jim Jim























  24. Hello!

    Welcome !!
  25. Civs Being able to spawn in own vehicles

    I'll speak with the server devs about it and see if it is possible. Thank you for your suggestion!
  26. Hello!

    I had to opt out of my arma 3 operations group. I usually rp on arma and gta v via FiveM
  27. Hello, I have been playing on the server for a few days now. One thing I would like to see implemented is civs being able to spawn in their own cars this would make for more selection and better RP and you wouldn't have all those cars at civs spawn laying around. if there is an application process for this server I wouldn't see anyone one abusing it.
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