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  • Community Code of Conduct

    Updated March 2018

  • RecklessNetwork.com otherwise known as Reckless Gaming Network, Reckless Network, or RGN expects all members and guests to abide by the following code of conduct while participating on any official servers to include www.recklessnetwork.com or the associated discord.


    1. No bigotry and racism

    2. No explicit content

    3. Use common sense


    Violating this code of conduct may result in expulsion from the RGN member group, blacklist on official servers, or other administrative actions found necessary but not listed. RGN additionally has the right to terminate or deny membership across official servers, blacklist, or expel for any reason regardless of an individual's position or status to RGN.


    Members and guests are expected to follow official server rules in addition with this document.


Reckless Network

Welcome to Reckless! We are a community made up of gamers, developers, writers, and friends. You provide the conversations and we provide the platform you can express yourself with. Come play with us as we explore various games new or old, and make some friends while you are here!