• Community Code of Conduct

    Updated August 2016

  • Definitions

    RecklessNetwork.com otherwise known as Reckless Gaming Network and Reckless Network will now be referred to as RGN in this document. For clarification the following will apply to this document: Recruits, Novice Members, Community Members, Advanced Members, Veteran Members, Senior Members, Core Members, Staff, and Founders will be referred to as "members". Forum Members, Guests, and groups endorsed or created by RGN but not previously listed will be referred to as "guests". Gaming, VOIP, communication, and website servers that are owned, sponsored, provided and approved by RGN will be referred to as "official servers".

    Member and Guest Expectations & RGN Rights

    RGN expects all members and guests to abide by the following code of conduct while participating on any official servers. Additionally actions of members and guests on servers not endorsed by RGN will have influence on an individual's community standing within RGN. Violating this code of conduct may result in expulsion from the RGN member group, blacklist on official servers, or other administrative actions found necessary but not listed, and public distribution to other communities about the blacklist or expulsion.


    RGN additionally has the right to terminate or deny membership across official servers, blacklist, or expel for any reason regardless of an individual's position or status to RGN.


    RGN is a community built on respect and integrity. RGN expects all members and guests to treat each other with compassion. And at the same time expects members and guests to be truthful and honest. Quality members and guests make for quality gaming. This is a mature community, but we do not tolerate racism and bigotry given RGN's diverse member and guest base. Those here without honest integrity and/or no respect for others and/or create drama will have administrative action taken on them.


    Additionally the private information, conversations, or data by members and guests will not be shared unless authorized by their owner. RGN expects all individuals to respect the privacy of others and their data. The only exception to sharing private conversations or data is when an individual reports to a member authorized to handle sensitive data. The expectation of a report is that there is a violation of rules or code of conduct committed. The members authorized to handle sensitive data and conversations are: Founders. Any and all sensitive personal information, data, and conversations will be kept private unless needed publicly for administrative action. Although RGN will do it's best to keep data secure, data is never 100% secure.


    Members and guests are expected to follow official server rules in addition with this document.