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    The civil side of the Flying Spartans! When you're tired of blowing MiGs out of the sky, or dealing with get shot at by everyone and their brother, swing on by. Learn about all the fun, nitty-gritty aspects of civil aviation. If you're a veteran of flight simulation, then grab your copy of P3D, XPlane or MSFS, boot up and lets fly! If not, we'll get you set up. We can teach you everything you need to know to have a good time online on the flight sim multiplayer network. Talk to REAL air traffic controllers while learning all about INS/VOR navigation, airspace classifications, radio communications, FMC operation, precision approaches and more!
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    This club has been made to organize and bring together any pilots of varying skill level in DCS world. Flying Spartans is RGN's DCS squadron. If you're interested in joining the squadron. Please get in contact with RawDawg95 or RisingRonin. Thank you!

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    Recruitment team

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